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I posted something in Apologetics/Social Justice which was removed with a reply suggesting that I post the topic in Ask An Apologist (AAA).

I tried to do so, but was notified that my account was under review. I have no idea why. I waited a day and now I can post in every forum except the AAA category. I don’t understand why not. I would appreciate someone who understands the forums better than I do explaining what has happened and how I can become unblocked from the AAA category.

Below is the post which seems to have caused the problem, but I don’t understand what that problem is. All advice welcome. Thank you.


Thank you, Mr. Akin, for explaining things. I was very confused about how the catechism could be changed, plus I was completely unaware that it had happened before. Thank you also for putting up all the versions.

I have some follow-up questions which anyone is free to answer. I hope their brevity is not misinterpreted as any kind of hostility. I am truly interested in answers.

1.Does this change allow for the possibility that, in the future, society could change in such a way that it might regress into a situation in which the state could not protect society?

2.Does every current society have a state which is in a position to protect it?

3.If there are some societies where the state is ineffective in this area, how can Catholics help it become effective?

4.Until such societies (if they exist) become effective, is recourse to the death penalty allowable for them?

5.Upon whom does the sin lie if a society which does not need to use the death penalty continues to use it?

6.Do Catholics have any positive duties required of them due to this change?

7.Are there other non-infallible but binding documents which can be changed by a committee of bishops who are granted papal approval? Specifically, could a committee of U.S. Bishops propose changes to the current General Instructions of the Roman Missal and implement them if they received papal approval?

Again, I am not looking to argue anything because I am in learning mode. My thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to clarify things for me.


From my experience, you get one, maybe two questions answered through Ask an Apologist. There are probably thousands of people posting questions and they can not answer them all. I got responses to two questions but they were generic lists of ‘look it up yourself’ type answers.

Ask a priest or maybe a catechist at your local parish. Asking here on the forum and you will get 100 differing answers.


When I suggested Ask an Apologist, I meant going to the main site ( ) and asking there. AAA on the forum is closed.


Thank you both for replying. I will try the main site with my questions.

I do realize that I’ll get different replies here, but some of those replies will help guide me to where official answers are.


I would suggest you make an appointment with a priest. Your questions are not something that is, in my opinion, general or specific enough, that CA will spend the time to answer them, as they are hypothetical in nature. You may get a more personalized and focused answer from your priest if he has the time necessary to answer 7 questions.


I don’t think it hurts to send Mr. Akin the e-mail - through the website, not on the forum, as the CAF Apologists like Akin don’t read or post here.

He is likely getting bombarded with these types of messages, so I wouldn’t expect a personalized reply. It is possible that he might address some of the questions in a future column or article, since they are general questions and I’m sure you’re not the only one asking him. The questions he gets asked most are the ones he will be most likely to address.


Thanks for the continued advice. I tried asking through the website but couldn’t figure out how. I will try more diligently and even attempt to email Mr. Akin.

I will say that, although some of my questions may be hypothetical, I believe more than a few have to do with the situation as it stands at this exact moment, and I do not see why they are difficult to answer. Surely those questions were considered before the change was made.


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