Cannot reply on my Android and white posts on Android


Today on my windows with Chrome laptop, the dark theme is working OK (posts flash and take time to load, but they are not illegible white).

However, on my Samsung Droid phone, my posts in dark theme are still all coming up white with illegible text.

Also, the Disclaimer is blocking the post reply button in mobile site view and cannot be moved. So I cannot reply in mobile view anymore.
I need to switch to Desktop Site to make reply. The disclaimer in Desktop Site is still blocking most of the reply button, but a tiny edge shows that I can post with.
The disclaimer is a big problem and should be movable or smaller so it does not block essential controls.


Mine’s exactly the same. I’ve ended up switching to the default theme on my phone because it appears to be operating like the dark theme should. I don’t like the theme but at least I can read the posts and the disclaimer doesn’t cover the reply box.


It doesn’t work on my desktop either, or at least it barely works. That blue DISCLAIMER div is an almost impossible thing to deal with. I’ve been trying to get past it for about 1/2 an hour.


Exactly the same problem for me. I’ve had to turn on my tablet to finish posting a thread because the create post button is completely inaccessible due to the blue disclaimer box. Frankly it’s not a fat lot better on my tablet either, but it’s still just about possible. Not so on my phone.


Still can’t get to the reply button when the forum is dark. What a shame, the dark is so much easier on the eyes.


Still stuck. Still can’t have that nice dark theme and then post. That annoying blue div is still in the way.


I know! Right? I think it would help if they made the disclaimer a slider, so you could hide it by tapping on it and tap on it again to show it.


On the phone, tapping on it minimizes it.


I haven’t been able to minimize it by tapping recently. I’ll try again next time I use my phone.


Sorry for being clear as mud! I’m thinking it would be good if they added that feature.


It does not work on the dark theme but should on the others.


For a desktop, maybe that blue DISCLAIMER div could have that little x in the upper-right-hand corner so we could click it off for a few seconds while we posted. Maybe then we could have the black theme back. If they feel like they just have to have it, it could pop up on every page but we would be allowed to turn it off when it came time to post.


I can minimize it by tapping on it in the default theme on my phone.


I’ve been having trouble with replying no matter what theme I use.

Since there have been no comments by anyone from the moderating team, it’s becoming obvious nothing’s going to be done.

God bless everyone but I’m bailing out. It’s not worth jumping through all the hoops.


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