Canon law dramas

Is it a good idea to have dramas that have canon law themes? :slight_smile:

Why not? One of my favorite stories was of a great Bishop Father of the Church… who adjudicated a case brought by a priest, his sister, and I think another brother, in a very unusual way. It had an O’Henry style ending.

P.S. While I’ve got most of the details down, I can’t for the life of me remember who exactly that Bishop was. I think it was Augustine, but it might have been a tad bit later. And I don’t have the dissertation that told the story. Anyway, yes, laws coming into being oftentimes after significant human drama. For example… look at the history of the manifestation of conscience (my thesis). After abuses crept in, the Vatican clamped down on religious superiors requiring their subjects to do spiritual direction with them and imposed automatic excommunication on the superior if they tried in any way to persuade a subject to do spiritual direction with them, and automatic excommunication to the subject if the subject did not report the superior to the Vatican. It was that serious. Now, just look at the Legionaries of Christ, Regnum Christi, and other failed movements/convents/monasteries where groupies in those cults were controlled (in part) by spiritual direction given by their superiors. There was a reason why the prohibition is in canon law, and these groups once more show that people don’t like to look at history (or canon law for that matter) and all of a sudden serious problems pop up because of this which could have been avoided had they just bothered to understand why we have the regulations we do! Just a thought- spiritual direction is awesome… but not when superiors use internal forum material in the external governing forum. The best way to completely control someone and keep them in your cult is to know them inside and out and have the ability to blackmail them in their weakest points.

Only as long as it accurately represents canon law. There is so much confusion and angst on the topic that I think accuracy is very important, more so than, say, creating a realistic courtroom scene in a play involving secular law.

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