Canon Law Question regarding Incardination for a priest who is in solemn religious vows



I was wanting to ask questions of someone who has studie Canon Law or is a practicing Canon Lawyer. The questions are relating to Incardination for a priest who is in solemn religious vows.

Please send me a PM.

Thank you.




Practicing canon lawyers typically charge for their time! :) I know I do... Kind of helps put bread on the table and all that good stuff after studying our heads off and spending tens of thousands to get that sheepskin... Perhaps that's why nobody's put in a PM?


I'm not a canon lawyer, but a religious priest is (generally) incardinated into their order, outside of any diocese (ie. they are exempt). The Sulpicians are the only exception I'm aware of, because they remain incardinated in their diocese even after joining.

Are you talking about a religious priest leaving their order and being incardinated into a diocese? You didn't really provide any information, and for an internet forum you're not likely to get any "professional" answers. If you want a legal opinion, you're going to have a seek out someone offline.


Perhaps, but that is their perogative. May God bless you and provide for all of your needs in body, mind, and spirit.


I am thinking you are right. Thank you. No I did not want to put any information on the questions that I am seeking as I wished to keep them private.

Thank you.


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