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Just a few questions about the Code of Canon Law. :slight_smile:

In brief, is it absolutely authoritative? Is it infallible? Can/does it change? What are the consequences of disregarding it? What’s the difference between the CCC and the Code of Canon Law?



You can learn more about Canon Law here.
You can access Canon Law here.


id like to own a copy of this, theres so many on amazon to choose from, any advice on the best one?


Hi Ambrose,

The text of the code of canon law can be found here ;

This is the law of the Church dealing mainly with the organization of the Church, the rights and duties of Catholics and the administration of the sacraments. It is as authoritative as you can get, representing what the pope, under whose authority it is proclaimed, is asking Catholics to do.

Strictly speaking, it is not doctrine, so it cannot be called infallible. But there are elements in it that reflect catholic doctrine.

It can change, just like any text of law, and if fact, it has been totally revamped in 1983. See

The consequences of disregarding it are spelled out in the code itself. They can go from nothing to excommunication.

The CCC is an abbreviation for Catechism of the Catholic
Church, which is a compendium of Catholic doctrine approved by the Pope. It can be found at

Does this answer your questions?



Yes indeed, thank you for the responses.


As is often the case, the best one is the most expensive one, at $1200 (see here).



Is it infallible?


Can/does it change?

yes (see marriage to non-Catholics)

What are the consequences of disregarding it?

to disobey the church is serious

What’s the difference between the CCC and the Code of Canon Law?


CCC is the church teachings while Canon Law is the rules the two are intended to be synchronized


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