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I always thought the council of rome was the first council to define the canon of the bible. Was there any other council that defined the canon of the bible before the council of Rome?

Also when i see the canon defined in the council of rome i count 74 books and not 73…and i didnt see the book of baruch in there…i figured out that it used to be 1kings to 4 kings and later was changed to 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel and 1 kings and 2 kings…

Is there anything im missing here? Why is it not matching up with the Catholic canon of 73? What am i looking at wrong?


Long reading, but will answer your questions…and then some (OT and NT Canons treated separately):


Council of Rome: “Jeremias one book, with Ginoth, that is, with his Lamentations”
Council of Trent: Jeremias, with Baruch,


It should be noted that the Council of Rome was a local synod, not an ecumenical Council. It wasn’t definitively binding on the entire Church (which is why even long before the schism, the Eastern Churches had somewhat different canons).



For example, we read about the “one” Book of “Jeremiah” which was understood to include Baruch and Lamentations and the Epistle. This “Epistle” or “Letter” was also understood to be part of Baruch, chapter 6, in some lists.

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