Canon of scripture Comparing East/West

I have been curious for some time. I began my journey from protestant through interaction with some Russian Orthodox friends and nearly became Orthodox before converting to the Latin/Roman tradition. I did some study in the development of the canon and was interested to find that it was not entirely settled in the west until the council of Trent - in response to Protestant challenges. Knowing our Orthodox friends do not accept any of the councils after the great schism, it made me curious about how we compare in views of the OT canon.

The canon settled at Trent is not “settled” in the fullest since. Trent only declares that the books listed there (which were the object of dispute) are valid and truly inspired books. There are different levels of inspired though, and Eastern Christians take a much broader view of inspired and Scripture , so that we include several books that are not included in the western canon. Such as Maccabees 3 (and 4 in some traditions), Psalm 151, the prayer of Manasseh(sp) and several other books depending on what ritual church one is part of (such as the Ethiopian use of Enoch I and Jubilees).

The Prayer of Manasseh is used in Great Compline by both Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics.

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