Canonical Approval of the Poor Friars & Nuns (Franciscan-Carmilitan Spirituality)


Peace and Good to you all!
After 15 years of hard work and sacrifices,
with great joy we announce to you the CANONICAL APPROVAL of the
Little Friars and Sisters of Jesus and Mary
as Public Association (“Ad Experamentum” for 3 years at a Diocesan rite)
in anticipation of becoming an Institute of Consecrated Life with an Episcopal Decree
made on the 30th of May 2014.
Please CLICK ON THIS IMAGE below to see the 9min video of the official ceremony: *
We thank you all for your prayers and ask you continued prayers for our Holy perseverance.
Best wishes of Holiness,
The Little Friars ans Nuns of Jesus and Mary.


This is awesome! Congrats Friar Antonio and the rest of your brothers and sisters, I know you guys have been working hard for this and it hasn’t always been easy. I will pray for the intention of the Little Friars and that you guys can continue to bring people to the Church and sacraments! God bless!


Peace and Good and thank you Nick!
Haven’t heard from your for a while… How’s your discernment going? We’re still down here in Louisiana -
Whenever you might ever feel ready to come and meet us all, don’t ever hesitate to write to me through email !

At your (and all who are in Vocational research) service in Christ, all for the Major Glory of God and for the Salvation
of the most number of souls possible, aiming this and the eternal Crown of our Faith, AMEN !

Ps. here’s the link of another video we made explaining how our Statues “DNA” was born:
(CLICK HERE on PHOTO to see 6minute video)


Our Charism:
is other than being Contemplative like the first Carmilitans, is also active and in street Evangelization like the first Franciscans in poverty. We make the Evangelical vows of total Poverty, Chastity for the Kingdom of God, and Obedience to God through the Word and through our Holy Mother Catholic Church.

Living in distinctly separate cloistered convents from our Friars (sisters having a cloister designated strictly and uniquely for the respective Nuns; brothers visa-verse) we live a semi contemplative life in prayer, where later leave the convent Evangelizing the streets together with our brothers in total poverty, simplicity and professionalism, with the mission of inviting people back to the Sacraments of the Holy Confession and Holy Communion…

Here are some Vocational Videos we have Published:


Here’s a video
for all those seriously seeking Gods Will
according to the Word of God and
according to the Teachings of the Catholic Church:

Click on the following image:

For the full length video, follow this link:


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