Canonisation of Popes

Why are Popes being canonised at a rate of knots nowadays? John XXIII, John Paul II are already canonised, Paul VI and John Paul I are both on their way. This seems rather excessive. Persons are meant to be canonised for being a prime example of the vocation they hold. A Pope should be canonised for being an outstanding Pope, not simply because they have attained salvation.
Considering he died after less than a year, how can John Paul I be considered worthy of Sainthood? I’d also like to point out that he made rather a spectacle of opposing Humanae Vitae

You mention four Popes and you single out Pope John Paul I…John Paul I gave his life to serving God and taking care of His flock For over 43 years he touched peoples lives it was not just 33 days as the Pope. John Paul II was very special. One felt that when you were in his presence. He brought so many souls back to God…and he was another one who gave his life to serving God… There is also an inquiry into their lives and the miracles that were given by their intercession and the difference they made in one’s life…God Bless::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly: ,


So did Pius XII, Pius XI, Benedict XV, Leo XIII, Pius IX etc etc…

Yes they did and they were all good Shepherds of the church…The church goes through a process, inquiry into the lives of each one, were there miracles attributed to them etc. The fact that a Pope is a Saint or up for sainthood should make us realize that in dying they are now with God and interceding for us. Take care and God Bless you.:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:

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