Canons Regular of St. John Cantius


Hey everyone!

Has anyone heard of this order? I stumbled across it today and it looks really neat! I had never heard of them, and I don't think they're listed on the vocations sticky, either. They're relatively new - I think they were founded in 1998 or 1999.

I don't know why I'm posting this...haha but perhaps this will raise awareness. In any case visit their website,, what do you think? They're in the Chicago area, I think - anyone know them?


Interesting group from what I have seen. An obvious traditionalist leaning but they still celebrate the OF of the Mass along side the EF. Nice idea in my view. Celebrate both with reverence and allow the faithful to pick which one they are drawn to. I like it.


Been there many times. Good order. Priests and brothers are based in Chicago but also run the St. Peter’s parish in Volo. They say the EF (Low and High Mass) and the OF in Latin, Spanish, and English. They also teach Latin, Greek, and the EF.


Not to get to technical but I feel that the term "order" is tossed around a bit to freely here at CAF at times.

This group is not a religious order.

It is a Public Diocesean Association of the Faithful.

If you go to their website you will see under their "About Us" section the Decree of Erection from the Archbishop of Chicago which states under which canons from the Code of Canon Law this falls under.


My bad. :p


[quote="bobballen_18, post:5, topic:274945"]
My bad. :p


Wouldn't say bad, more like confusing.

There are many religious institutes and there are many different classifications.

Any one of them that was formed follow the Council of Trent is not a religious order as that council forbade the creation of any new ones.

The Jesuits have the distinction of being he last religious order formed.


Interesting, I didn’t know that about the Council of Trent. Do you know what the reason for that is?


[quote="bobballen_18, post:7, topic:274945"]
Interesting, I didn't know that about the Council of Trent. Do you know what the reason for that is?


If I remember correctly when Brother JR was describing it in another thread he basically stated that the various orders and Rules in existence at the time of the council of Trent represented the major ways of living the Gospel as consecrated religious and that more would be duplication. I could be misinterpreting that a bit but that is what I recall. Perhaps he, or someone else who is knowledgeable will chime in.


One of my best friends is currently there and absolutely loves it. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it(:


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