Can't access Catholic Living or Apologetics threads


When I try to see the Apologetics or Catholic Living threads, I am unable to do so. I know to see them you have to select none in the drop down box, but in dark theme (which I am using) that option disappears.

I briefly changed to the default theme and I could view them, and when I switched back to dark I could see them, but when I went from one Catholic Living to Apologetics, the option of “none” had vanished again.

Seems to me to be another glitch with the dark theme - I know other users have been having the same problem. Does anyone know who the right person is to message about this?

Still can't access Catholic Living or Apologetics topics

There have been other mentions about difficulties with the dark theme.
You could message <@cawebmaster> if you see fit, without the < >.


Thank you.

@cawebmaster, can anything be done about this?


Consider making a bookmark/favorites, etc. until they fix it:


That’s a good idea, thank you!


@Lou2U, could you possibly provide a screenshot?



This is what it looks like for me using the dark theme.


As you can see, the drop down box which is on the default theme isn’t there on the dark theme and I can’t access the Catholic Living subforum. The Apologetics category looks the same.


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