Can't Believe What I Saw On Law And Order Last Night

I was watching Law and Order last night, Wed, 2/18. Was a show about a Christian Rapture type group where a member gets involved in stealing gold coins and then a murder takes place. Pretty much standard TV fare.

Anyway, towards the end of the episode, the DA (Mike Cutter) and his lovely assistant (Connie Rubirosa) had to visit this minister in his church to try to get him to testify for them. The assisant, Connie R. ends up picking up the minister’s Bibe and turning it to the Gospel of Mark where it talks about no one knowing the time or date when the end of time will come. She reads it word for word and sites it Chapter and verse. Then the DA, Mike starts to speak about rendering to Ceasar what is Ceasar and to God what is Gods’. The minster looks dumbfounded on what to do. Connie R. then asks what he usually does when he is confronted with a problem. The four of them are then shown holding each other’s hands as they pray. Later, Connie tells Mike that she is always prepared for court and for church…

Wow, Christians shown on Network TV as being reverant and not being mocked for their faith.

Thank you NBC…

Is that a different episode from the one I saw a few months ago - where there was an Evangelical Christian camp for young people where the pastor incites one of the children to murder the boy’s own mother who was in an adulterous relationship?

But the main thrust of the pastor’s teaching was about preparing an anti-Islamic militia. Of course that episode managed to make all Christians who are concerned about Islam out to look like raving loonies. :shrug:

Nope, not same one. This was a brand new one. Might be able to watch it on internet too. I was really shocked that they showed a character (Connie) as a strong Christian and praying together with hands held. This is what really floored me since not all shows care to show Christians as anything but loonies.

FYI, the character Elliot Stabler on Law and Order SVU is shown as a (albeit flawed) Catholic. One of my favorites!

I always liked the way Law and Order handled Jack McCoy, at least in the episodes I saw. He’s clearly a lapsed Catholic who is no fan of the Church, but he also still has that Catholic influence in him, and he is even shown to be letting his dislike for the Church drag down his cases on occasion. For a character who they pretty much make into a knight in shining armor, its interesting that they chose that particular trait to make into a flaw that hurts his cases.

You are correct. Jack always came across as a little miffed that he had to follow his conscience, even when it went against the easier way of winning a case. As much I like Jack, think it’s time to give the new DA more time on the show. I always refer to Mike Cutter as Batman’s father (the role that actor had in the Batman Begins movie). :slight_smile:

Please consider emailing NBC with the compliment. The Lord knows I write enough to complain of the way they insult Christians. They need to know we are also pleased with them on occasion!!!

It’s not called NBC (“National Bible Channel”) for nuttin’.

Considering the open advocacy of Homosexuality on the Tonight show, it’s a bit little and a bit late.

NBC has some of the most pro-gay, pro-abortion, anti-faith talk on late night TV. Jay Leno and his advocacy for gay marriage and openly critical attitude towards California’s Prop 8 amendment defining marriage as One man, one woman…

It’s fun to watch Conan O’brian when he’s supposed to do anti-catholic jokes… he normally flubs them.

But yeah, L&O has handled the faith of the mains fairly realistically over the years. Jack and Lenny Brisco both being lapsed Catholics (Ever wonder why Brisco wasn’t dating?), Mike Logan also, but in his case because he was near a pervert priest. Det. Rey Curtis was practicing but cafeteria. Det. Stabler is practicing, but flawed.

The writers for L&O generally handle Catholics pretty well…

My teenager pointed out that Law and Order must be from a Catholic writer because it seems to be steeped in Catholism.

I forget which one it is…the one with the big guy,from M.I.B, and the short lady with shoulder length red hair seem to always be dealing with religion.

I’ve often joked that if there’s TV in heaven, then St. Thomas More must be a huge fan of “Law & Order”. And yes, this was a particularly beautiful episode. I’ve seen some people come down on L&O for being anti-Catholic, but most of the episodes that got that kind of finger-pointing always struck me as being the kind that you could see Graham Greene or A.J. Cronin or Rumer Godden writing: the kind of stories that were unafraid to portray Catholics as humans who screw up horribly, like the rest of us.

I’ve always seen McCoy as sort of a world-weary knight in battered armor who keeps on fighting the dragons because it’s the right thing to do, but that’s just me saying it, of course.

You can watch it here:

Qy: could the conviction be overturned on appeal if it were revealed that DAs had prayed with a witness? Of course, they can bribe or blackmail witnesses with threats or deals but jumping the “wall of separation” – isn’t that a no-no? :smiley:

Btw, I hope McCoy loses. Better he should have stayed in his old job, but now that they have Cutter he’s superfluous.

Law and Order is about as factual as Scrubs…come to think of it maybe less…

Oddly enough, I remember a guy who works in a District Attorney’s office in Chicago saying L & O is one of the few police procedural-type shows he can watch without cringing, because while the cases might process faster than they do in real life, the actual mechanics of that process is portrayed fairly accurately. A Jewish gentleman who works in the New York City coroner’s office is one of the story consultants for the series.

Thanks for posts Matrix, nice to meet a fellow fan…

I think the show is pretty realistic (despite the attractive DA Assistants they keep putting in the shows, but I am not complaining). Good writing, and no, they don’t always win the case.

:: Laughs gently:: Yeah, the fellow I cited above said that was his only carp with the show, that in real life, the ADAs aren’t often cute blondes or brunettes in their early thirties.

A physician friend of mine swears up & down that Scrubs is actually fairly realistic. :shrug:

My late uncle, a NYPD detective swore that Barney Miller was the most true to life cop show.

Moreso than House, according to my BIL, a neuro out of Palo Alto…he does, however, draw the line at the maintenance man antics.:slight_smile:

There’s more than one or two folks in the biz that look at L&O and not only cringe, but occasionally let forth a few obscenities at the screen. The undercurrent of anti conservatism drips, something I have only rarely encountered in DA and law enforcement offices. City cops going undercover in mental institutions or county jail lockups…yeah, that happens. According to L&O, even when the ADA’s do their jobs, they often do so begrudgingly. And the judges, holy smokes! The only time I want to appear before a NYC judge is as a defendant. Infamous though our LA County “celebrity” jurists may be, they look like real centrists by comparison.

My brother was in the RCMP for 26 years and he and his friends said the same thing.

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