Can't donate to a person representing a charity

I cannot donate to this person representing a charity as I do not have access to my bank account (I’m a minority) should I just use some money in the poor box for church ?

If I’ve read this right here’s my response…

There are a lot of charities to support, not everyone has access to a bank account or even has money on them at the time. Apologise that you can’t give them anything at this moment and offer it to the poor box instead.

On a side note there are many charities which one needs to be careful of as they provide services which go against Catholic teaching. My advice would be to research any charity you plan to give to but try to stick to Catholic ones where you know how your donations will be used.

If you’re a minor, that means you’re young. Young people don’t always make good money decisions, which is why they often don’t have full control of their finances. You should ask the person who has joint control of your account for advice.

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