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I am a Christian seeking a church (Prot or Catholic. I was raised Lutheran) ! I have tried so many, and there is always a problem in attending their service! I tried going to Sunday night service last night, and a vagrant offered me and my brother drugs just outside of the church! Which totally spooked me from entering.
Other times, I have tried to attend, and the church was CLOSED, or having service elsewhere.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like giving up. I want to worship Jesus and grow closer to him- but cannot find a church to do so!

Thank you, CAF!


Check out for parishes and mass times near you


Depending on where you live (size of your city) you may have several Catholic Churches offering Mass at several times on Sunday, including the Saturday Vigil Mass. In my experience (of two years) the Catholic Churches never close due to weather, but other denominations will cancel services.


Not trying to be smug, but perhaps that inner city church is in the best possible location. Sounds like a place that is ripe for outreach. Just thought I would try to give a little different perspective. I would say to find a place where the Pastor/Priest provides faithful preaching and teaching, and where baptism and the Lord’s Supper are celebrated faithfully and regularly. God bless you in your search.


If you feel like giving up, it is a sign you are getting close. Persevere. Only you know the area you live in. Check out or use google. Most Catholic Churches have mass times that do not vary much or at all, and only rarely are cancelled.


I didn’t read this in the OP - is this an assumption?


How old are you - may I ask ?


When you check out, there’s often a link so that you can click on the website of any particular church. Do that, and double-check the Mass times to make sure you have the most-accurate information. Furthermore, if there’s a link to a recent weekly bulletin, check that as well – especially during the summer (in the U.S. at least) when Mass times may be temporarily adjusted to accommodate church festivals (or whatever) in parishes that share a pastor or priests.


Totally an assumption, but you get my drift.


I am 19. No car, so the few churches in my small town are all I can attend.


Yes, hehe. It is a small town, not inner-city. But some of the crimes and things are just as bad!


No car is tough -
But maybe you can phone call a Catholic Church -
and explain your situation - they’d love to help you out -
Everyone loves to see when new youth attend church :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m sure they have a “ car pool “ -

Give them a call

They do Have that service at my church -

Be safe though !


I was in the same position when I was in my mid teens and wound up latching onto the worst possible choice of church in which to claim membership. Manipulative and domineering, they ran my life for 22 years. So take your time, but speak with the pastors before deciding a church is not right. There may be opportunities to serve where you least expect them.


Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in this matter. He will lead you to the right one.


Good grief, their everywhere! You mean within walking distance? I understand how the hectic pace of life can be these days but to just give up? That’s an extreme solution and an extremely stupid thing to do. If you are that determined to be closer to God and it seems you are, then don’t give up on the God who hasn’t given up on us. God has a tendency to have things work out in their proper time. In the meanwhile, you don’t need a Church building to open the bible and start reading. There are so many study aids available that you cannot help but glean some benefit. Jesus is a journey. Don’t pout about not being able to find the starting line. Start where you are because wherever you are that is the starting line to the only journey worth taking.

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