Can't find cellphone :(


Please pray for me so I can find the cellphone. I’m using it but I just borrowed it from a relative. If someone stole it, please pray that that person would feel guilty and return it to the office. If it got misplaced, please pray that I can just find it. I’m praying very hard that I can find it. Thank you.


Have you tried calling it from another phone?
If it had a text feature, have you tried texting a message to it so if somebody finds it they can return it to you? (Don’t give too much information, maybe just your work phone number)

Ask St. Anthony to pray for you. Through our prayers, I have found every “thing” I ever lost. When I find it, I usually send a donation to St Anthony Bread…I don’t have a clue where to find this. My godmother usually helps me get the address. This organization uses the money to help feed the hungry.:thumbsup:

Tony, Tony, turn around. Help her find what can’t be found.


Good advice! Welcome to CAF, His little1 :slight_smile:
Oh Fin! I hope that you find it, with the help of the advice given above…that you don’t have to bite the bullet and tell your relative openly and honestly.

If it’s around, I ask your angel to help you find it. Or that an honest person finds and returns it, with God’s grace.

Bless you, Trishie


St Anthony, please help fin to find this cellphone.

Will keep praying that it’s found soon…




Praying …



This is why you shouldnt borrow Cellphones…
If you do then you must be prepared to replace the phone if its lost or broken, And if your prepared to do that then simple thing to have done is bought 1 of your own in the first place as they are so cheap to buy now…:slight_smile:


Praying for you to find the cell phone. May God grant you the ability to find is quickly.



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