Can't handle life anymore

I can’t do it on my own anymore. Ask Jesus for help through daily prayers but it is just not going through.

From morning to night my mind is swamped with negative thoughts,
I have no one to talk to, no friends, thought Jesus was my friend, I still talk to him hoping he is listening and will hold me and make everything better.

Sometimes I think death is better.

I’ll keep you in mind tonight. :signofcross: Please find the strength to keep going. Jesus is there for you, but sometimes you are the one that needs to make an effort. There is still sunlight in the day to look forward to.

Do you want someone to talk to? I can private chat with you if you’d like. People do care for you, even strangers like myself. If pains me when people are in pain. Keep praying. Keep fighting. Those negative thoughts come from the devil. Don’t let him win.

I will pray for you. In the meantime, stay in prayer as you have been.

You didn’t mention how long the negative thoughts have been with you, but perhaps you could make an appointment with a doctor who could refer you to get the care you need? It may also be helpful to talk with a priest at your parish. I have done this probably 5 times in the last year!

I believe it’s very important to have people/friends you can talk to. Are you in any activities or involved in church bible study or other ministries?

I go through a few days each month where I feel hopeless, down, and suicidal. During those times, I pray harder; as I know this will pass.
I am by no means an expert, but I have found the more I can change my focus and stay involved in ministries and serve others, the better I feel.

I know this is a horrible way to feel, but do know that there is help available! God loves you and He wants you to value your life as He does!

God bless you! Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Peace and all good! :slight_smile:

I am sorry for what you are going through. I was going through a similar process today in which it seemed my prayers weren’t being answered and my mind was flooded with negative thoughts. It GREATLY helps to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede upon your behalf as God virtually will not deny her pleas. I recommend praying a rosary everyday and asking Mary to intercede for you. I’m sure you’ll see shocking results. Stay strong my friend :slight_smile:

Please see a counselor about your feelings of wanting to die. You need that support.


Fully agreed.

Praying for you.

I know what it is like to feel this way, I will pray for you. Please, talk to someone about these feelings, keeping all of this cooped up inside is not good.

I got you here. I understand this. Please hang in there. Please take a step to the side. Don’t fall far and fast.

Just take one day at a time.

I’ll be here for you if you need me. I’ll be a stand if you need a pal. No problem.

Will pray for you.

Peace pray4.


Did you make it through today? God carried you. Many years ago life just wasn’t going my way and I was in a deep depression. The only rest and relief I got was when I went to sleep at night and every morning it all started up anew. I kept praying and with God’s help made it through each and every day. And when I reached what I thought was the end of the rope, God would place someone in my path to help straighten me up. So I straightened up, figured everything I needed to figure out (it took awhile), and 30 years later I am still here fighting the good fight. Not mine, but YOUR will be done, oh Father in heaven!. Praying for you.

May God send good people into your life.

Our Father said.

Take it a few hours or a few minutes at a time.

Remembering you in my daily prayers. God bless.

Never give up. Always trust in Jesus He is by your side.

Prayer said for you.

Please seek some professional help.

Praying for your intentions.

Thanks for talking to us. We’re all your friends and we’re always here for you.

Saying prayers

Praying for intercession from the Queen of Heaven. Please consider praying the Rosary as well as seeking out a professional to talk to. There is no shame at all in finding help!

Saying that you want to Die,is not the way,God gave you life,enjoy it too the fullest,You need too pray more with all your Heart , but never give up for,Jesus is with you,I have had my up,s and down,s during my life,of 42 yrs of marries ,but I always,true to pray and it get,s me too continue on ,turn your negative thought into good thought,s,May the Holy Spirit, guide threw your problem,s.pray the ROSARY,Our Lady will help you also, she has always come to my aid. AMEN :gopray2::harp:

Prayers said for you!

Please seek medical attention.

Praying hard for you to find happiness and peace of mind. Try hard to think positively.

Will pray friend, hang in there. God bless you abundantly.

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