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I typically make it to confession every weekend as part of my routine. Unfortunately, I have some mortal sins this time I need to confess but can’t make it today do to being out of town.

My question is, should I abstain from communion tomorrow? Can I participate with the plan to make confession sometime between Sunday and next weekend?



If you are aware of unconfessed mortal sin, then absolutely you must refrain from receiving communion until you get to confession and receive absolution.


There’s a particular technicality in the case of ‘perfect contrition’, but yes, you should attend Mass tomorrow (after all, you are still obliged to attend Mass, even if you do not (or can not) receive the Eucharist) and remember not to get into the line for communion. You can participate in the Mass, but not in reception of the Eucharist

(Note that the reason for this is that you are in a state of mortal sin. If you had only venial sin on your conscience, you would be able to receive the Eucharist…)


Thanks for the responses! I am just going to go to the parish early and do a quick confession.

God bless!:slight_smile:


You sound scrupulous, frankly. Weekly confession and you have several mortal sins already? You cannot easily or accidentally commit mortal sin. One of three things: you are horribly tormented by demons, you do not have a firm intention to amend your life, or those sins are not really mortal sins. If I were you, I would tell Father exactly what you have told us and ask specifically about your sins.


I usually go and confess venial sins. Padre Pio invited us to go to confession weekly. This week I have committed two known mortal sins. I know people who receive Eucharist that haven’t been to confession in years and I refuse to eat or drink judgement on myself. Why is it an issue to use the Sacrament of Reconciliation as the Lord provided us as often as possible? As a recent convert, I feel a cleansing and freedom from it that I didn’t for so many years as a Protestant. It is one of my favorite parts of our faith.

I have struggles in my life that have come about by certain circumstances and I’m actively dealing and working on those. Until I am at a point where I have completely overcome those issues, I will continue to confess them as they come and as soon as I can.


He was just expressing concern as sometimes people suffering from scrupulosity post questions vaguely similar to yours. Best thing to do when a concern which is not valid in your case is to just thank the person :slight_smile:


After rereading my post, it was more hostile than I meant for it to be! I’m sorry. Sometimes typing words does not always have the same intention as saying them. My apologies!


As St Francis said, many come here and show signs of scruples. If you are not scrupulous, and Father has told you that you are not, then my comment no loner applies to you. Are you certain that they are mortal sins? That is why I suggested that you ask Father. We often judge ourselves more severely than God does. If mortal sins are a regular part of your weekly life, have you asked for spiritual direction?

This much is certainly very good. If they are truly mortal sins, they may have become habitual, which “can” lessen your culpability. If you cannot make confession, simply attend mass and make an act of spiritual communion. Since the Eucharist rightly means so much to you, I know that you are willing to expend any amount of energy to avoid sin in the first place.

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