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Ever since I have become Christian, God has answered my prayers less and less. I have prayed for something so badly last time and even tried the rosary and still got a negative. The last negative hurt so much that I just cannot pray anymore and I now wonder whether God really will save me when something bad comes my way. Sorry if this is ridiculous but I feel unwanted and it hurts so bad. Any advice on how to proceed? Should I tell my spiritual advisor about this? I feel that I would just be taking time away from other people who may truly need his help. :blush:


Prayer is communication with God, not a list of goods and services you would like him to provide. God knows best, if your prayers are not being answered postively, it is possible that you are asking for the wrong things. The next time you pray the rosary, why not just pray it and be open to ANY response?


My dear friend

God answers all our prayers but sometimes He says no. Sometimes He answers decades later. Sometimes He tests us to see how much faith we have and if we pass the brief test a really big reward comes our way. I think God is testing you and if you persevere a big reward is not far away. I really think this.
When we pray we should add the clause Jesus taught us in Hia agony in the garden, "…nevertheless not my will but thine be done."
If we add this lause and accept Gods will our prayer will always be answered. The holier we become the more united our will is with Gods. This is why the prayers of saints are so powerful. Their prayer is often exactly what God wants. Very holy people eventually just pray that Gods will be done though.

Just persevere and keep pestering God and when He sees you have faith and you pass the test He will bless you. God is infinitely perfect and does all infinitely perfectly. Try not to question or doubt God. Because He knows infinitely better what we need. Just trust Him. He loves you infinitely and can only love you and do good for you. So don’t worry. God is listening to your prayers very attentively.

May God bless you and answer your prayers. May His will be done:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I think this is a wonderful idea. Don’t worry about taking his time away from others who may need it. This is one of those times where it sounds like you’re the one in need. Peace.:slight_smile:


You have a great idea. Talk to your spiritual advisor about it, just as you’ve been thinking of doing.

I must say, though, sometimes it is when God chooses to deny us that He really is most building our faith. When we are younger in faith and less spiritually developed, He often gives us whatever we ask for in order to develop our trust in Him. Then, when He sees we have grown, He causes us to go through unanswered prayer, dryness, or suffering, because He can trust us more. When we go through that dryness, it forces us to just surrender to His will more perfectly, putting our wills second to His and thus conforming us to His plan. When we have to reach the point of love where we will put what He wants above what we want, this is the time of growing perfection. Before we reach that point, the Lord often graciously gives us whatever we ask for. One of my friends at my local parish told me that when he first came to know the Lord, he received lots of spiritual experiences and every prayer he prayed was answered. Then, when through this he learned to trust the Lord better, the Lord withdrew, made him suffer, and denied him answers to prayers. He told me that times of difficulty are the times when God causes us to grow in Him most splendidly of all. The saints and scriptures teach the same message.

Imagine a mother who nurses her child. When her child is newborn, she takes care of all her needs. She babysits him, she changes his diapers, she feeds him, she does everything for him and he has no needs she doesn’t satisfy. Then, when he starts to get older, his mother withdraws from him a little. She lets him toddle on his feet as he learns to walk without holding him by the hand all the time. He falls down sometimes and cries. She allows this to happen because she wants him to learn how to walk.


I think you should try praying stations of the cross. The best time to do it is 3:00 pm, the hour of mercy, but you can do it anytime you want to. This prayer will shift your attention away from your own needs to the suffering of Christ. You will be strengthened to desire God’s will instead of your own will.

I am attaching my favorite Stations of the Cross prayer in Word. I had to take off the pictures because the file was too big.

I will almost guarantee you that this prayer will change your life. Please go ahead.


Thank you guys for all your help :grouphug:

I sat down yesterday and forced myself to tell God how I felt and I feel much better now. I will def. go thru stations of the cross. Thanks again for all your help. :slight_smile:


I think when we get into a low place, and we all do, we just have to keep thanking God and press through. The important thing to know is that God always wants to hear from us. Because of the blood of Christ, we can come boldly before the throne (see Heb.4).

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