Can't "Show me in the Bible" be used to deny any doctrine?


Protestants constantly say “if I can’t find it in the bible, I don’t believe it.”

Well, under this attitude, can’t a be justified in denying any tenent of the faith if he or she personally cannot find a certain doctrine in scripture?

Wouldn’t this mean that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are justified in denying the trinity since they personally cannot find that teaching in scripture?

Now protestants will reply “But there is plenty of evidence in scripture for the trinity unlike many catholic doctrines”

But under what authority do they decide what is biblical and what is not? and under sola scriptura, who has the authroity to arbitrate between disputes over whether or not a certain doctrine is biblical?

Just some interesting things to ponder…


You are correct. If the text must stand on its own without any context then yes many core Christian beliefs can either be denied or freely doubted.

This is the reason that we still have Jews even though Christians believe that Christ was the fulfillment of the Scriptures. The lens that the Jews view Scripture through does not lead them to the same conclusions that we come to. Why? Because the context they interpret them in is different than ours.

The lens we look through is what gives and allows focus on the meaning of the Scriptures.


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