Can't tell if this is a spoof or not


Ok, I ran across this website a few months back, and am still trying to figure out if it’s a satire or not:

I will say that I’ve hard several comments from non-Catholic friends expressing horror that our parish doesn’t have the children go to Sunday school during Mass (they have Children’s Liturgy, which takes them out for the readings and homily, but returns them for the Eucharist). They’ve commented that in their churches, there aren’t noisy children, and when an infant is making noise, it’s whisked away ASAP.

Anyway…what do you think? Satire or genuine “movement” by some curmudgeon? And, as a tangent, what does your parish have in place for children during Mass?



They have an email for contacting - why not ask?



It’s an angry curmudgeon that likes to rail against everything.
As for my Church- yes, the children who have no received communion go to Children’s liturgy, but then return. We have no nursery and people can be seen taking the walk to the back of the Church with their children. I see nothing wrong with it.
I think it’s sad that people feel that children have no place at the Liturgy.
You leave your kids at home, and then all of a sudden tell them that they have to join you and sit quietly, etc. Nope, I know to sit quietly and pay attention to the Word of God because I went to Mass and had to learn the hard way.


I looked at the link, Cari, and I hope it is a spoof. I can not imagine not including children at a family meal. The Mass is our most important family meal–children should be there. I am however getting older and my children are almost grown. I noticed recently that I am getting a bit grumpy when I can’t hear the sermon during Mass or I am distracted during prayer because a child is crawling under the pew in front of me. Our church does not have a cry room. Our parish does have a Mass that is more conducive to young children, though. I’ve decided to sit closer to the front when I go to that Mass so I will not be distracted as much. At times I choose the evening Mass that is more contemplative. I would never want to exclude children from Mass. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me…”


At our parish, the children leave at the beginning of mass with a blessing by the priest to go to Sunday school, and come back right before the liturgy of the Eucharist.

However, something that the priest sometimes does is “interview” them after the Great Amen with a mike (i.e. “what did you learn today?”). Is there something wrong with that? :confused:


I’m going to have to email them.
I’ll keep you posted on the response.



What a sad person…they seemed to miss the verse “let the children come to me” right from Jesus’ mouth.

Our Church offers during Advent and Lent a children’s liturgy of the word where the children leave during the readings and homily. I prefer that our children remain in Church, however our 7 year old likes to attend. Our oldest doesn’t like to leave and the others are too young. I think a “sunday school” is also offered during one of the Masses during the school year as well as childcare. My children don’t attend either of these. Again, I prefer they attend Mass with the family. We teach them how to behave at Mass and usually they do pretty well. The hardest ages are 1 to about 3, then it gets easier (most days) :stuck_out_tongue: .

As for the pastor that interviews the children after the Great Amen, that really isn’t allowed…but I doubt there’s much you can do to change his mind.



After the Great Amen (Mass is finished, now go in peace…) Mass is finished, so interviewing them THEN would be okay as it is not part of the Mass.

Anna x


I’m as big a grump as anyone here when it comes to distractions in mass, but kids aren’t on my list. I can pray, concentrate and successfully worship with the full range of kid noises. I’m glad they’re there. I think that kids need to be there, to become accustomed to mass, before they even know what’s going on. To get them into the habit, so to say. Also, I’m pretty sure Jesus would be cool with kids coming to see him. I do appreciate it when the parents hustle them out when they’re on a full-blown tirade, but regular kid noise isn’t a problem for me.

For me it’s the cell phones…now THAT’S worth setting up a website for. I have a hunch that Jesus might back me up on this one.


When I think of this, I always remember when I was a little girl, we had a small parish (about 40 people) one of the families there had had a little baby that hadn’t been expected to live, but had after numerous surgury’s at about 10 months, he was healthy and talkative/fussy during math. My gram (great-grandmother) came to visit and complained about the noise, to which my mom sweetly replied “I’m just happy he’s here to listen to”. :smiley: Love baby’s at mass (especially mine), and I haven’t seen this to be a trend…rather, I’ve had various priests comment at seperate times at what a joy it is to have the younger generation at mass!


What? Buttons that say “Jesus didn’t bring *His *kids to church”? This has got to be a spoof. If it were for real, I’m sure they wouldn’t use such a silly train of “logic”. Jesus’s children ARE the Church!

There are so many holes in the so-called logic of the arguments presented.


By the way, the first line praises chatting with your adult friends in the church after you take off your coat :rolleyes: But the kids are supposed to be silent? Maybe if people like this gave the kids a better example…


It is a tongue and cheek site. The items you purchase are from, a website where anyone can design their own shirts, mugs, etc. My aunt who is nearly 60 and has never been married would probably like the shirts to include restaurants, grocery stores and any other public venue. Someone is probably tired of the lack of parents’ control over their parents at Church. Babies babbling during Mass? Doesn’t bother me. The 7 year old twins in front of me who draw on paper and squabble during Mass? I would be lying if I didn’t admit to wishing they’d be left at home…:wink:


The thing that makes me want to puke is the same guy probably calls Social Services if he sees a parent spank a kid.

DUH! We paralyze parents with fear to discipline their kids in public, then we turn around and complain about childrens’ behavior in public? How stupid can we be?


we do Children’s Liturgy at our Parish and my response to non-Catholics who do not believe in ‘noisy’ babies or children at Mass would be that Catholics do not mind children - noise and all.


I hope this is a spoof…what is the article implying…Jesus left His kids at home? huh?

If it’s not a spoof…that’s pretty sad. I think that church is not a ‘refuge away from the hustle and bustle of life,’ as the article states it to be. It’s a place where all of God’s children come together to celebrate the faith–together. I’m not particularly fond of Children’s liturgies either. I know that some like them–but, I want my kids with me throughout mass. (granted they are older now) But, when they were younger, my husband and I wanted them with us. I think kids as they do grow older, could pick up a mixed message that although Jesus said…‘let the children come to Me,’ they are being shooed out to another room during mass? It can be a confusing message. But, that’s just me…if people here like children’s liturgies…that’s great.

But…if you have a baby who is very loud and fussy, it’s charitable to take the baby out until he/she calms down a bit. I used to do that…I mean, people do want to hear what the priest is saying. lol:)

Interesting link, though!!


I know. I found one of the buttons on cafexpress, then followed it back to the website posted. But what keeps me wondering is that there are legitimate organizations that use cafexpress, and so I wasn’t able to automatically assume it was a satire in the vein of “The Onion”.:shrug:

No response from the email I sent yet. I guess the webmaster is too busy waging holy war against toddlers in church to answer. :wink:


Not correct. The Great Amen (within the final doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer )is when you either say/sing Amen on your knees after the consecration.
See the GIRM for clarification:

It is not an approprate time for this at all, actually the only place that might be okay would be after the final blessing–where announcments may be made right before the dismissal.

God bless,


I never really got this sort of thing. I grew up going to Church and when taken into the Lord’s House it was made quiet clear to me that only the most exemplary of behavior was going to be tolerated. Now like any kid I pushed the envelope and mom or dad would quietly pick me up and take me out of the Church and hold me until I quieted down then we’d go back in finish the service.

Then we’d go home and dad and would demonstrate how Jesus removed the money changers from the temple on my behind. I quickly came to understand that being taken outside of the Church meant judgement was nigh. So I started to settle down. Once I realized that I couldn’t squirm around I had no choice but to pay attention to make the time go by. Happily I discovered that Jesus and the heroes and saints of the Bible were really interesting. So truly within weeks I wanted to sit still in Church and would get aggravated at other noisy kids. I wanted to sing and hear the the Bible.

As a former kid and from experience growing up in Church this is what I’ve learned. Kids like church if their allowed to experience it. Disciplining for proper behavior in Church is reward unto itself. Now did I like getting spanked? No. However, my being forced to sit still and pay attention opened a new world of wonder to me. It also taught me a valuable survival skill I used to this day. Sometimes in some places you’re best off to shut up and listen. Lastly I gained a bit of pride in that adults didn’t mind having me around since I didn’t cause a distract them constantly. I deeply appreciate my parents for these valuable gifts.


sorry I wasn’t clear… it’s not that great amen, it’s the one before the “Our Father” :shrug:

**EDIT never mind, I just read the post answering my question

Thanks :thumbsup: **

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