Can't Wait For Stem Cell Research- Adult Stem Cells Help California Man Now

Don Cecil didn’t have time for the stem cell research debate as a series of heart attacks had damaged his heart muscle severely. Therefore, he went to Thailand and had his own Adult Stem Cells used to heal his heart. His ejection fraction was at 15% before the treatment and now is normal for someone his age (around 50). See the story at Adult Stem Cell Research

America makes the promise, Thailand keeps it… Sad for america.:mad:

That’s right!!
Embryos stem cells have proven ZERO results. Adult Stem Cells had cured already.
It is Satan’s job to keep blinding those who want to mock God and use the freedom they received from above to do whatever they want to do. The Church is talking but the ears are closed to the Truth.
At the end we’ll triumph with Him who is the Truth!

A SCIENTIFIC article written by a german SCIENTIST. ( translated )
And the leftist scientists think they only are right…
The saddest part, He is not an American Scientist.

My leftist brother, who was formerly a stanford researcher with a PhD,
would probably argue even that this scientist is telling half-truths, and has an agenda.
I won’t tell my brother, but my upcoming “presentation” document to some government officials will include this article.

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