Cantor: WYD Mass

Since EWTN was kind enough to air the WYD final mass again, I was able to view this wonderful performance for a second time.

And so, I was motivated to locate it on the web and I got lucky; just in case anyone else was as impressed as I was during this young Australian cantor’s fine demonstration during the communion service.

Her name is **Amelia Farrugia **(


Wasn’t she wonderful - she’s a professional opera singer with the Australian Opera as a day job. :harp:

yes it was so beautiful.

Thank you for posting it, It was an awesome experience.

To think God actually allowed me to be one of those 400,000 people…

Lucky you.

Congrats on the conversion….and create a good catholic film for us all someday, won’t you?!

Peace to the Aussies and a job well done.

Very Nice.
I was especially moved by the number of people choosing to recieve on the tongue while kneeling even though that meant getting under/around a barrier.


haha…yeah it was a good mass…
about 5 of my friends sang at that mass!!
it was a pretty heavy schedule that they all had!! During that week that had rehearsals that ran from about 7 - 11pm.
but totally worth it!!
They actually got brilliant photos - so close to the stage!

It was indeed beautiful, pastorally, musically and spiritually…but dear ChristmasKnight what disturbs me is when you said you got to view this “Wonderful Performance” That is exactly what the liturgy should NOT be. Cantors, soloists and musicians should always do their best, be prepared and use the gifts God gave them. But when we cross the line from prayer into performance it is a slippery slope.

It is indeed a beautiful prayer and song of meditation. Thank you for calling my attention to it. I hope you read my comments in the spirit that I mean them.

God bless you,

Semantics. The first word in your response is, “It”. What are you meaning when you say, “It”? Only later do you refer to “It” as a prayer or meditation – which admittedly, it is. All I did was give “It” a name in the context of asking people to view and enjoy “It”. Indeed, asking a cantor to set themselves in an appropriate state and then to proceed doing what they do for a living requires them to “perform”, present, become active, or whatever word fits. In this case her action is indeed for God in the context of liturgy. It is worshiping. She is doing what she does, regardless of what you wish to call it, for God in the spirit of worship. The action requires a descriptor for people to process it and understand. I suppose I could have asked people to tune in and watch this beautiful prayer, or meditation, as you called it.

However, as a Catholic who respects a more traditional liturgy, even I think you’re a little quick to pull the “admonishment trigger” on this one. Granted, we shouldn’t attend mass and stand and applause while yelling “bravo” while declaring what a beautiful performance some violinist put on. Nor should we sit there and get lost in the person of the musician while forgetting the prayer and becoming distracted enough to forget about why we’re there in the first place. But this was isolated and posted on Youtube. Trying to draw people’s attention to the performance, or “demonstration” as I later called it, was simply an effort to direct them to experience this beauty and to be moved by it. Whether or not it goes well with you, this was, nevertheless…art; art in liturgy. And art is a very beautiful means for encountering spirituality. And I respect your call for giving all the attention to God, for God, respectfully, within the liturgy. Her performance, or prayer, or meditation, is meant to move people toward God. There is a time for policing and a time to be moved. I felt strongly enough about this demonstration to call people’s attention to it. That is…to be moved…by this great work of art…put in action for God.

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