Capital Gazette received death threats, emails celebrating shooting after attack



There’s really nothing shocking anymore.

For example, I was horrified at the slaughter of first grade children at Sandy hook.

Those parents received death threats. A nut job promoted a story that this was fake, and the families and children were actors.

I’ve got a neighbor, with a pickup truck and an “info wars” bumper sticker on the back.


Hey, but did you hear that Sarah Sanders couldn’t eat in a particular restaurant? Why can’t liberals be civil?


who is making death threats against the
newspaper and why?


Probably followers of Trump who see the “media as the enemy of the American people”.


why would followers of Trump make death threats after 5 people killed?


Boy, that’s a good question. Maybe because they are mentally ill?


what makes you say they are mentally ill?
you don’t know who is making death threats.


You really think that people who make death threats after 5 people have been murdered are mentally stable?


well, i don’t think Maxine Waters is stable and her call for confronting people, but i can’t understand why there would be death threats after the shooting if there were no death threats before.


So, you agree that anyone making threats, they probably are mentally ill. And it’s clear that the people at the Capital Gazette and blaming Trump, so I believe they think that the threats are coming from mentally ill Trump supporters.


i don’t see any connection at all between what happened and Trump supporters.


The people at the Citizen Gazette do.


The people who received the threats.

And a new twist for the “enemies of the American people”:



Civil like shooting republicans on a baseball field or threating to kill the FCC chairman because they did not agree that “net nutrality” should be going away or threating to kill a republican senator and chop up him and his family with an ax?


This is something I don’t get. Why not? Why deny this request?



That’s good.


For all we know, the fellow that shot the Republican on the baseball field did that because he thought he was exercising his 2nd Amendment rights against a tyrannical government. Of course, we know that’s wrong, but I suppose the non-stop rhetoric of gunowners may have influenced him.

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