Capitalism and Catholic

Yes, you are right-true capitalism is good Catholicism.
Sometimes I think, why so many people, especially more elder, and young truth-seekers in some Ex-Soviet Union countries hate Capitalistic system, its just because of Gangster Capitalism which took place and continues n some Ex-Soviet countries.
This type of capitalism gradually mutates more or less in civilized one but still it is so dirty in many features. That is why there is a revival of left-wing intellectuals in Russia, who have nostalgy about soviet past and insist on Soviet Communism superiority.
I am lucky I understand Russian, I have the privilege to listen these intellectuals, but I do not believe them.
Because, they have some beautiful theories but Russkiy man will never bring it on practical level.
It’s just a hidden nostalgy for power, territorial expansionalism and Russian shovinism and nothing more.

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I agree with the idea of the economic system you’re describing. I consider myself a distributist. Different forms of distributism can be very different. Though many distributists are very critical of capitalism, I am not. I support free-market and government should be as limited as reasonably possible. A Catholic can be a capitalist, but not a socialist (even a "democratic socialist) or communist. The Church condemns these ideologies.

You will find Catholics with different views on economics, and that’s okay. Some Catholics are very fiscaly progressive, others very fiscally conservative. Though I am not an expert, I would say that both fiscally progressive and fiscally conservative views are fine, as long as people recognize the need for the state to promote the common good while also resoecting the freedom of people to earn money and keep private property. Though I am a distributist, my views could also be considered moderately capitalist or fiscally centrist. I would read Rerum Novarum, written by Pope Leo XIII. This encyclical is largely the basis for distributism.

God bless and Mary keep you.

Just acquired Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits and More by John Medaille. Looking forward to reading it.

Yes, thank you.
This is must be read



This is also quite interesting, but this is debatable of course.

I think you have it right.

I had the cake after all

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If money changes hands it is a business.

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And that includes non-profits :slight_smile:

yes, even the church is a business

As Phil3 said, I am thinking that 95% of elected and appointed officials are corrupted by the power given to them by their office mainly from lobbying and gamesmanship.

This does not apply to government employees who just attempt to do their jobs.

Even as a child, our church had their nun as the director of religious education. Also the cost of property was a lot less, inflation adjusted. Needless to say, CCD was a lot less expensive.

Churches need to pay overhead; sometimes they are lucky and can have a majority of volunteers. Other times, they must rely on paid staff to fill the churches needs.

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