(Capitol of Armenia) Yerevan Claims Turkish Jet Downed Armenia Plane As Fighting With Azerbaijani Forces Intensify

Yerevan Claims Turkish Jet Downed Armenia Plane As Fighting With Azerbaijani Forces Intensify

BAKU/YEREVAN – Armenia said a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down one of its warplanes, as fighting intensified near the long-disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region and fears grew of an outbreak of a new, full-scale war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Both Ankara and Baku called Yerevan’s claim about the warplane’s downing on September 29 "absolutely untrue,” which came on the third day of a major flare-up of the decades-old conflict.

I am not against Turkey per se; in Libya, I’d think they probably have done so good but having said that, note, how they are being involved OR accused of being involved in these conflicts, Syria, Armenia/Azerbaijan, Libya, there may be more.

This situation in Armenia/Azerbaijan to me, could set off real alarm bells at some point, it seems pretty bad.

The fighting is some of the worst the region has seen in years.


Economist (usually has a paywall)

I’m hearing some things that this war might not be that kind to the poor Armenians, weaponswise. I worry some about that.

Armenian news from Armenians:

They paint a very positive picture of all this. We will have to wait and see, a big conflict could be brewing which is unfortunate.

Meanwhile, many volunteers from the diaspora come to Karabakh to defend their homeland.
Including the very successful who in spite of a happy and prosperous life abroad rush to the front lines.
I’ve read interesting stories.
Also those women volunteers and those old people volunteers as a soldiers are amazing.
All this is majestic, beautiful, but still, - the war is terrible and monstrous.
Armenians are good-natured people, but it is a delusion that they are not warlike.
In Soviet times, there were quite a few Armenians among the military elite.
By the way, in terms of the number of academicians, doctors, scientists, Armenians in the Soviet Union were second only to Jews.
In sports, by the way, too.
There are some superhuman efforts and extra hard work that help to these people achieve the impossible.
Yes, it’s a unique nation.
The Armenians will not give up Karabakh.
Moreover, the wound of genocide will never heal.
Maybe because of this wound, as many volunteers as hungry wolves went to fight.
Yes, but this small country, not rich, surrounded by empires.
My opinion is, if the Azeri and foreign mercenaries fighters are powerless to invade, God forbid Erdogan to take this land away from Armenians at any cost with stubborn stubbornness.
We urgently need the mobilization of diplomacy, the mighty of this world, we need to agree, do not spill rivers of blood.
Nobody helped the Armenians during the genocide.
You cannot just look now to the destruction of the people.
This is the most ancient, Christian people, a people of martyrs, - earthquakes, exterminations.
The bitter bowl of the historic Calvary.
Can’t be allowed in the 21st century to allow genocide again.
By the way, the oldest spiritual shrines and monasteries of Karabakh testify to the spiritually existential importance of this land for the Armenians.
I like the phraize, I read somewhere that
" they are keystones of the integrity of the arc of the Eurasian space"
The feet of the first bearers of the Gospel Good News went there.
Therefore, one cannot simply observe, one must help to agree for peace there, and prevent a new genocide.

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If I wasn’t an old man now I’d probably go to Armenia. I hope they steam roll the Azerbaijani’s.


A historic church got hit over there, a Cathedral, details at:

A website called “Asbarez” gives news on all of this. ( my computer says website not secure, so I don’t post a link).

Pan Armenian News may be among the best:

And I don’t mean to side with one side, just keeping up with the news.

Arab League slams Turkish involvement:

Azeris are Tyurks.
Erdogan openly stated that he would come to the rescue if needed.
You can’t just compare the capabilities of a tiny state with Turkish power.
On the other side there is Iran, which in its messianism, by the way, categorically opposes itself to the Ottoman ideas of Islam and does not want its extension.
There is also Russia due to the dependence on which Armenia has been very slowly trying to integrate into the united commonwealth of European nations.
But after all, Armenians built a mosque for Azeri Muslims in Artsakh.
It would seem that there is an experience of peaceful co-existence.
Sooner or later you will have to live together again or in the neighborhood, that is, sooner or later you will have to co-exist.
Ethnic pogroms are not a solution to the problem.
I am wary of the schadenfreude that some political strategists live in,
saying that - finally, in the Caucasus, the wind will blow to the national liberation political movements.
There is a saying that- if you are the enemy of my enemy, then you are my friend.
Moreover, the Turks are on the side of the Crimean Tatars and in this respect are kind of allies of Ukraine.
But when I heard that mercenary militants were involved there, so it’s like in prophet Isaiah - “We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement” ( Isaiah 28:15)
What kind of freedom to the people can an ISIS carry in any form?
Syria and Iraq, for example, are examples of what life can turn into with the arrival of ISIS.
In addition, if we talk about military dignity or honour, the so-called mercenaries of radical Islamist groups are an example of the wildest cruelties in relation to prisoners of war and to the peaceful population of hostages.(Syria and Ukraine wars are the examples of what they did with captured soldiers)
Of course, many would like the Russian empire to feel a boomerang sown in Syria, in Ukraine, but I think that it would not be Christian to rejoice at the life transformation or arrival of the ISIS in the South or North of Caucasus.
Caucasian countries made attempts to European integration, including Armenia, but what will life turn into if radical Islam begins to shake all Caucasus.

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Here we agree, I side with the Armenians.

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The Armenians deserve to have the entire international community come to their aid. We can’t let another genocide happen there.

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Not forgetting the rather more important memorial in Armenia itself:-

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I’d agree, it is interesting that the predominant faith in Azerbaijan is Shia Islam. Not Sunni as is more prevalent in the Islamic world.

Around 97% of the population are Muslims.[227] 85% of the Muslims are Shia and 15% Sunni;[228] the Republic of Azerbaijan has the second highest proportion of Shia Muslims of any country in the world.[229]

Yet, I believe I have heard Iran is probably on Armenia’s side. Azerbaijan, a secular “Shia Muslim” majority nation. Well, I knew of one Azerbaijani. Fairly secular. I didn’t pry into what life was like over there. One wonders why Iran would not be supporting them??

Anyway, thanks for the valuable information.

The great chess champion, Tigran Petrosian was an Armenian.

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Wow… even Kim Kardashian-West has gotten involved:

Kim Kardashian is of Armenian descent so was very likely to get involved.

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She has been very vocal about Armenia. She and Kanye visit quite often.

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Looks like a modern day “Stone Henge”.

Yep - there was some controversy at one point when she lay flowers at the memorial to the genocide due to her attire, on the other hand at least she laid them and doesn’t forget her roots and keeps pushing for attention to the situation and that’s probably more important overall than her mode of dress.

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The slabs represent the lost provinces of Armenia - they also echo traditional Armenian gravestones proportions to an extent.

The Irish memorial I linked to above is carved in the style of Khachkar as are many memorials to this genocide.

They have a cease fire, it’s not perfect but I hope it can work. A lot of people have been killed over there. I am thinking in the range of around 500 so far, all sides.

A lot of drone warfare reports are saying: .

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My country Ukraine and also neighboring Moldova is on the side of Azerbaijan.
In the rhetoric of the news, the phrase sounds - fight for liberation, de-occupation, and the return of its Azerbaijani territory.
But, first of all, both Ukraine and Moldova lost their territories, where now artificially created pseudo states-Transdnistria, DNR, LNR, Crimea.
annexed to Russian territory.
Armenia has often also taken a forced pro-Russian stance towards Ukraine.
Secondly, what is happening proves that there are “no frozen conflicts”, and the army, having strengthened even after 30 years, can muster the courage to recapture the lost territories.
Also, many believe that possible clash between Russia and Turkey will lead to the collapse of the Russian empire.
Even if the Turkic peoples, from the Caucasus to Siberia, do not unite in the struggle for their independence by pan-Turkism,by the revival and extension of Ottomanism, the national liberation movements of the Turkic peoples will grow.
Turks by the way, have their own educational centers in Central Asia(gymnasiums, universities)
That is, visionaries see in what is happening the future collapse of the Russian empire.
In Iran, for example, the ideas of Ottomanism are prohibited and are punished with long prison sentences, even if there are many Azerbaijanis living in Iran, many of whom are among the ruling elite, including the leader of the country, Iranian Azeris are completely different from post-Soviet once.
Therefore, Iran is on the side of Armenia.
My opinion differs from the collective one, because I read a little about the history of the Armenian genocide and I think that The Armenians deserve Karabakh as compensation for their physical destruction and annexation of vast territories.
Yet it is an ancient Christian people.
I think that the Armenians have been fighting for European values all the past years, despite the imperial presings of their neighbors.
(as evidenced by the pro-European political parties in the country, and also the change of power by revolution where Pashinyan replaced Prime Minister Sargsyan)
And what is happening now, in general, in a Medieval Spirit, there is a struggle for its existence under the sun.
I also believe that imperial empires based on plunder and land grab will disintegrate, but
what future and liberation can the islamistic Syrian and Libyan militants carry?


I can’t speak for anyone else but I’d known little of the conflict, from the maps, this Nagorno-Karabakh is actually inside Azerbaijan and Armenian separatists control some other Azerbaijan territory, the gray area in map I.

Kim Kardashian has caught a lot of flak on twitter in the past 24 hours, trending at one point.

I’ll leave it at that, a lot of keyboard warriors, these things happen often when these conflicts take place. It’s really something to research but the map part is pretty simple to see.

All comments welcomed.

The former chess champion Garry Kasparov and he was champion for many years, he is part Armenian and apparently, his family got caught up in the “Baku Pogrom” and had to flee Azerbaijan, this happened only in 1990:

The Baku pogrom (Armenian: Բաքվի ջարդեր, Bakvi jarder) was a pogrom directed against the ethnic Armenian inhabitants of Baku, Azerbaijan SSR.[4][5][6] From January 12, 1990, a seven-day pogrom broke out against the Armenian civilian population in Baku during which Armenians were beaten, murdered, and expelled from the city. There were also many raids on apartments, robberies and arsons. According to the Human Rights Watch reporter Robert Kushen, “the action was not entirely (or perhaps not at all) spontaneous, as the attackers had lists of Armenians and their addresses”.[7] The pogrom of Armenians in Baku was one of the acts of ethnic violence in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, directed against the demands of the Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians to secede from Azerbaijan and unify with Armenia.

So, there have been a few of these messy situations, the Balkans wars of the '90s, with Ukraine and those separatists and so on. The Kurds and the Turks.

Good oral analysis of the situation.

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