Captain America: The First Avenger

Of all the Marvel heroes around, the one I find the most problematic( even more so than Thor or Hercules, self styled deities although they use the phrase in the legendary and not religious meaning) must certainly be Captain America. I have often wondered ( as does the Captain himself) as to how questionable unthinking patriotism is in the America of the 1970s right down to the present day, so much so that I frequently ask myself if I should buy the DVD of this abovementioned film. True, his title frequently deals with real life issues as racism, the generation gap and other issues, but I STILL feel uncomfortable around him in a way that Spider-Man, Daredevil or the FF doesn’t!


Cap at his best is never shown as an unthinking patriot, he is loyal to the ideal of what your nation of America could be if it’s potential were fully realised. He has frequently pointed out he is not loyal to corrupt politicians, military figures or others who try to co-opt him as a symbol to further their own ends.

Mentioning Daredevil, this pages is from one of the better Daredevil stories ever written and features Cap heavily in the last issue or two of the story arc. This was written by Frank Miller before his writing jumped several million sharks in the last few years:-

Yes I know-it’s NOT his fault that corrupt pols(including one presumes Presidents) try to coopt him to serve their own self-serving aims, but still, the very fact that the US had been represented by Presidents and their Administrations in real life( most recently that of George W.Bush of “waterboarding” notoriety) that I never much liked or saw any reason to like tends to colour my attitude to not just the US as a whole but this character- after all they claimed to represent America just as he does not just to their fellow citizens but to the outside world at large(including of course my own country the UK).


Have you ever read the Marvel Civil War series? :thumbsup:

Wish they could have done a better job with the current Captain America movie though.

I think you’re selling Captain America (and America herself, for that matter) short here.

Yes I have, and like Barack Obama on gay marriage, my views on this character continue to evolve.


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