Capuchin Friars and the Internet


I have yet another couple of questions on the Capuchin Friars.

Are Capuchin Friars allowed to have Facebook accounts or Twitter accounts?

Are Postulants allowed either of these?

Is there a computer in a Friary?

  • Thank you


Having been an OFM friar in formation for 6 years, though in the 80s, I can bet that there will be no facebook-ing, twittering or social media-ing while in pre-novitiate or novitiate.

In novitiate I had to miss attending my two brothers weddings, and the death and funeral of my grandfather. It was very hard to do so, but I had made vows (albeit temporary) and I intended to keep them.

There are computers in Friaries, just as there would have been pen and ink centuries ago:D: I used one to write most of my papers in theology.

BTW many of the Franciscan Provinces have in internet and Facebook presence, it’s just not suitable for individual friars while in formation.

I bet you are really asking whether you will be able to keep in touch with friends and family while in formation. You should talk to the vocation director for the Province you are thinking of joining. I was able to visit once a year after novitiate.


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