Car accident killed S. Dak. girls missing since 1971



Their poor families. :frowning:

And we think we have problems…

Eternal rest grant unto them, o Lord…


Praying for the repose of theirs souls & for their families.


The father of one of the girls died five days before the car was found. His obituary said the saddest part of his life was never knowing what happened to her. I reckon that he probably asked God that they be found.


This is most tragic; hopefully it will bring some closure to the familes of the girls. May they rest in peace.


How sad. I thank their guardian angels for being with them.


What is also tragic is this other person were implicated and one has to wonder what the facts were and what kind of life this family had in this community?

In a warrant authorizing the search, authorities said that David Lykken, who lived at the farm in 1971 and was a classmate of the girls, might have been involved in the disappearance of Miller and Jackson as well as three other unnamed people. Lykken is in prison serving an unrelated 227-year sentence for rape and kidnapping.

It almost looks like this David Lykken was seen as a serial killer.

His brother speaks out…

Investigators went to the Lykken family farm in Union County in 2004, digging holes looking for personal effects of the girls.

Jackley said Tuesday that the search was controversial, but that it withstood challenges in federal court.,

]“You put us through hell, so just remember that,” Lykken said.

In 2004, investigators spent four days digging up areas around the Lykken farm and questioning Kerwyn Lykken and his 84-year-old mother Esther, accusing them of knowing something about the two girls’ disappearances.

The Lykkens always maintained their

May their souls rest in peace.


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