Car drives through Westboro protesters at CrossroadsKC event


A Sunday night protest in Kansas City by the Westboro Baptist Church was interrupted when someone drove a car onto a sidewalk and into the group.

None of the 12 protesters was injured. The female driver eluded police who were monitoring the protest when the incident occurred just after 7 p.m. near 18th and Oak streets.
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I’ve got a feeling the Police didn’t try to hard to catch her.


The Westboro Church make for good “useful idiots” (as Stalin would put it) and help discredit Christians. They’re very convenient in that regard. If she had been successful it would be a loss for many who may benefit in some way from these protests.


The KKK serves the same purpose.


As much as I detest what Wesboro does, this woman was completely and totally in the wrong, and should be charged for reckless endangerment, if not attempted homicide.

Wesboro Baptist is despicable, but they are still people, loved by God, and should be given the same protection as all people. Hopefully this woman is found and made to account for her actions.

Also, hopefully Wesboro starts to think twice about their detestable pickets as a result of this. The ends don’t justify the means, but perhaps some good could come out of this.


What the woman did was totally stupid. Aside from the fact that what she did in endangering their lives was morally wrong (no matter how twisted their message is), if any of the WBC members were injured or killed, you better believe they’d be filing a civil suit and getting some cash. Why give them that opportunity?

We had members of the WBC come to my hometown to protest a local theatre production. They also came and picketed our church. Price is Right Fail Horn


Hate answering hate.

The WBC members got a shining example to highlight before all.

Would it not be far better to answer their hatred with God’s Word?
It would disarm WBC and provide a better example to all.


I agree with others here… right sentiment… wrong way to handle it.

Christ told us to love our enemies.

I am actually glad that no-one was hurt in the incident… would only have added to the sadness that that group brings with them… a prayer for all involved that they may see the truth and the light.

Those wonderful Ladies and Gentlemen with the Freedom Riders have the right idea… a quite, peaceful, human shield between those that grieve and those that hate… next time you see them, please go up and thank them for their kindness.


What’s more, the violent responses and attempt to seriously injure or kill only makes the WBC feel validated in their (erroneous) belief that the world hates them because they’re the only ones that are right.


Correct. Fuel to the fire.


Although many rejoice at her actions, it was utterly wrong of her to do that. Hopefully she is made to account for her actions. Even though it’s the Westboro Baptist Church, the police force should not oversee the seriousness of the situation.

The Westboro Baptist Church would say that our sympathy is nothing but a lie, however. They wouldn’t believe for one second that we honestly felt bad for them. Sad, sad, sad.


Like a bad dream, they are back :eek: (but without their “Paster” who died a while back). :shrug: :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally agree with your comments!


The article said that at the time of the attack another group called “Panic at the Disco” was playing. Panic indeed.

I too am glad that no one was hurt of course. Sin begets sin. Darkness attracts darkness I would imagine. The longer you play with snakes, the more likely you are to be bitten. We can only hope and pray that the weight of sin will pull the remaining members of the WBC away from their evil practices. It has already, there are defectors.

I hope they turn away from darkness and evil, but the clock is running, and they are not the only dark forces out there at work, like the lady who may have been trying to murder them. Let us pray that they may find their way to the true love of Christ, and abandon their hateful practices.

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


So the band playing said they would donate $20 for every member of westboro baptist church that showed up to a human rights group and then they said they would round it up to $1000 and a portion of the proceeds. So was it planned or was it an accident?
Thankfully no one was hurt and this might make them concerned for their own safety. Will be interesting to see if the person turns themself in or if someone might recognize the description of the car.


I was wondering what they have been up to lately. Hoped they just faded into the wood work.


Why does the WBC only seem to focus on the gay thing? Has anyone ever heard them discuss some of their other beliefs, like other parts of the bible? The only thing ive ever heard them go on about is the homosexual thing, That cant be all they ever preach about? I dont think ANY religion focuses on ONE particular issue and deals with nothing else…ever!


Yes, Panic! at the Disco said they’d donate $20 per protester to the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group. Only 13 members of the WBC (maybe the whole church? I know it’s exceptionally small) actually showed up, Brendon Urie called it “lame,” and then he pledged to donate $1,000 instead.


I have heard them focus on Catholics, Muslims, and the president.

They focus on anything that is not them.
Some things get special attention, but they seem to be equal opportunity haters.


From their official website; here’s their picket schedule… Westboro Baptist Church Picket Schedule
They are pretty much an equal opportunity hate group. Not even our other protestant brothers and sisters are immune from the WBC hatred and protests.
:shrug: The only thing I can think of to do for these people is to pray that God will change their hearts of stone…


From their website:

Homosexuality is due special attention by our ministry for several reasons. First, Paul the Apostle, sometimes called the Lion of Christ, who spoke as he was moved by the Holy Spirit, gave the sin of homosexuality special attention. It is important that you carefully read Romans 1, repeatedly. It is clear that on the ladder of human depravity, homosexuality is the bottom rung. By the time a person reaches the state of hard core, defiant, unrepentant, homosexual lifestyle, God has washed His hands of that person. God does not hate them because they are homosexuals; they are homosexuals because God hates them. That is an important distinction. Further, throughout the Old Testament, when the nation of Israel was in its worst spiritual condition, in full blown apostasy, the Bible makes a point of telling us that sodomy was one of the chief traits of society (see I Kings 14:24). Under the Law of Moses, the penalty for homosexuality was death. Further, sodomy is the only sin which caused God to rain fire from heaven on an entire 5-city population. So, we have a Bible basis for recognizing that homosexuality is a particularly heinous sin in the eyes of the God of Eternity.

Second, and perhaps in the immediate context more important, this is the sin that is at the forefront of the moral crisis in this nation. WE did not start the homosexual movement. WE did not put this movement on the front page of every major newspaper, in every phase of the entertainment industry, and in the schools. WE are not the ones insisting that this awful behavior serve as the basis for special legal rights. WE are not the ones marching up and down the streets demanding that people accept and respect us for our sins. This is the only sin to which America is seriously contemplating giving civil rights. Imagine if embezzlers, murderers or rapists demanded that they be given protection - not punishment - by law because of their wrongful deeds? You would gasp in amazement. Yet you embrace the notion that because someone engages in sex with a person of the same gender - and then chooses to broadcast that fact - they should be protected? Amazing! This sin is so insidious by its nature, and those who commit such things so abominable by their nature, that it serves as the litmus test for a society. When God has turned his back on a people, sodomites rule the land. America is on the cusp of that condition, and only by an abundance of mercy will God forebear the utter destruction of this country. That is why we focus on this issue in our ministry at this time in our journey on this Earth.

Third, similar conditions existed in Sodom, which was destroyed by God. Jesus warned us that it would be like it was in the days of Lot (Sodom) just before He returns. We are in those days right now, and this abomination of desolation should be preached against, not condoned. If you are a fag, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you support fags, you should be ashamed of yourself. It was your ilk who brought destruction on Sodom, and it will be your ilk who fuels God’s wrath to the point that there will be no remedy.

Finally, you should realize that the full scope of our ministry is broader than the homosexual movement. If you read all of our fliers and signs, and heard the preaching in our church week in and out, you would realize that we have a full doctrinal scope in all our activities.

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