Car pool audio books problem

After five months of unemployment, I finally found a job in a nearby city. There is a car pool from my town to work every morning, which was established some years ago.

They use audio books in the car to help pass the time. Everybody gets a turn to pick a book, so no one person controls the selections. Well, the first book (besides being horribly written and incredibly boring) had some very sexually explicit passages. Now we’re on the second book, a best seller, and I was happy that it was an FBI thriller because there was no sex. Until late in disk 3. Luckily, these passages have been sparse, short and not as explicit as the last book.

My turn to pick is coming up, and I’m going to stick to Dorothy Sayers “Lord Peter” mysteries because the group seems to like suspense stories. And there’s no sex!

But I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do about this situation. I have tried tuning it out and praying during the sexually explicit passages, but it’s really difficult because they tend to listen to the books at a rather loud volume level. It is especially difficult when it is my turn to drive – my mind can’t be paying attention to the road and the traffic AND tune something out AND pray.

I have also tried starting a discussion before the book gets turned on so that we chat instead of listen, but that only delays it – they’re going to listen to the rest of that book no matter what I say.

I really need this job as my husband is out of work, and I don’t want to make waves in a long-standing tradition by complaining about the books. Maybe everybody will love Dorothy Sayers, but I’m not counting on others picking her books when it is their turn.

Help! Do you have any ideas for me?

Lots of books, just like movies, have sex scenes. Since you are all adults, and everyone gets a turn to choose a book, the best thing you can do it voice your opinion (“that book was ok, but the sex scenes were rather over-the-top, I didn’t like it guys. It was actually kind of uncomfortable for on the way to work. What do you guys think?”) or you can just go with it and pick a book you like when its your turn. Or you don’t have to carpool if you can help it!

I think the best thing though would be to talk about it. Listening to erotic material with a bunch of co-workers on the way to work, or on the way home, is not my idea of a good time. Still, as long as its not an entire erotic novel, it might be bearable. Up to you! :slight_smile:

Except when you drive, bring your own CD player with music and listen to it during the uncomfortable parts. There are noise cancelling headphones that do a pretty good job of blocking outside noise from what you want to listen to; they are pretty inexpensive.

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