Car rear view mirror (not actual mirror) but cover

Ok so I am opening a door to get onto a minibus and it accidentally (and gently) bumps the rear view mirror of the sports car next to us. I put my hand up in apology to the driver of this sports vehicle. He gets out the car, looking furious to see if there are dents or bumps. I thought he was overreacting as it was just a gentle touch. He seems satisfied but didnt seem to look at the rear view mirror ?! and gets back in his car. But THEN I GOT PARANOID and thought I better look to see if I had done any damage and I thought I saw a mark on his rear view mirror cover. This must be a co-incidence. It didn’t look like the kind of mark it could have made. Or could it? I don’t drive I don’t know. May have just been dirt?! I froze… Or maybe opening a car door onto another car is serious. Maybe that was moral cowardice or theft. Should I have pointed out the mark? I will likely never see the car again?! It looked like a chauffeur service :eek:

Have I sinned much?

You haven’t sinned at all.

Accidents happen.

You neither wanted it nor willed it.

And the other driver had the opportunity to look, clearly didn’t see anything that bothered him and that was that.

As for marks on the (presumably) door mirror cowling… it was almost certainly dirt. I’d stake money on it. The roads are filthy at this time of year, and cars ahead of the one you drive in kick up all sorts of muck… the door mirror cowlings, as with the nose/ bumper (fender) of the car, take the brunt of it as they go through the air as you drive…

You’ve got nothing to worry about at all. Not even a little venial sin.

Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

This sounds like scrupulosity at work. Please get some counseling to help you discern between an accident and a sin.

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