Car update: Ok, I took it to Sears this morning AND


…this is what I was told.

He told me (without putting it on the rack… and looking under it) that the dripping under the car… was water from the AC condenser. He implied that this is a fairly common occurrence by saying “some people get really flipped out about it [water dripping from underneath car].” And he assured me that it was fine.

That said,… if it IS so common… then why don’t you see water dripped ALL OVER the streets in the summertime? Why don’t I see water coming from underneath other cars on the road? If it is common, wouldn’t you notice it in the street? I think I would. :shrug:

Opinions, all you car experts? How common IS it… for the AC to drip water (heavily… enough to leave a trail) from under the car? The guy absolutely DID see the water trail, :sad_yes: but wasn’t concerned about it. Do you think I should stop worrying about it?

Thanks and God bless.
MV :thankyou:


Yes, this is very common. You will only see it if a car is parked because it takes time for enough water to condense off the car in one area. If a car is moving then the water will quickly evaporate because it will be diffused over a distance and in moving air. You will see it when a car is parked. Don’t you often see this in parking lots?


Mmm… no, I honestly haven’t “SMHW”. But then again, maybe I wasn’t paying attention. That is always a possibility in my case. :smiley: I’ll try to look around a bit… and see if I notice it with other cars.

Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate it, very much.

God bless you.


That is not only common, but what you would expect. The moisture in the air condenses on the outside of the condenser. Depending on how humid it is, you can get a lot of water dripping. We are very used to that here in Houston. In fact, I always get a pretty good sized puddle in my garage after I get home from work.

It is normal and, if that is the cause, you should not worry about it.




Yep. It’s fine. I usually have a puddle the size of a dinner plate when I get home.


THANK YOU, everyone! :grouphug:

I can not express what a worry this has been for me. I’m sole caregiver to an elderly parent… and we have no family here :nope: or anyone who could assist us, should we lose our car.

I lost a TON of sleep over this, last night. I feel so much better now!

God bless you ALL. :flowers:


I see that you live in the Los Angeles area. We usually have such low humidity here that the small puddles from air conditioners evaporate quickly. But if the humidity is higher (and it has been lately) then you are going to see more condensation.


“SMHW” No, I don’t currently live in Los Angeles. I’m a native of L.A., born and raised there… but currently live in the Atlanta area.

Humidity here is extremely high and persistent. So, you’d think that I would be noticing more puddles. Huh? But the others who responded… from hot, humid areas… seem to concur about the water from the AC.

Thanks again, for your response.


It’s VERY humid in Arkansas like in GA, and if we leave our car running to get cool before we get the kids in then there is a big puddle in our garage.


Depending on where the AC is on the car, the puddle could be under the car to the extent that you have to get on the ground and look under. And this is a very common situation in Atlanta.

This situation is similar to when you take a soda out of the fridge. In the fridge, the coke can is cold, but dry. When you take the can out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter, after a few minutes, it will be cold and wet (even if you didn’t open the can). Air at 70 deg F in your house can hold more moisture than air at 40 deg F. So, when 90 deg F air comes into contact with a cold surface such as a coke can out of the fridge, that air is cooled and unable to hold it’s moisture. Since the moisture can’t stay in the air, it turns into liquid and forms drops on the can, which eventually drip off into a puddle on the counter.

Just replace “can” with “AC evaporator” and “counter” with “garage floor”, and that’s where the puddle on the garage floor comes from.

If you’re really worried, clean up the puddle tonight, and drive around tomorrow without AC. Tomorrow night, there won’t be a puddle.


Happens with our cars all the time.


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