Carafem's 'spa-like' abortion clinic part of new U.S. trend


Carafem practitioners do not perform surgical abortions. And anyone coming for a consultation might be offered a robe or a cloth drape to wear. An accompanying friend or relative might warm their hands around a cup of tea, or be invited to sit on a purple sofa with throw pillows while discussing intrauterine contraceptives . . .

The Whole Woman’s Health series of clinics, which began in Texas in 2003, features lilac hallways and dim lighting to set a soothing ambience. Rooms named after prominent women have walls that are stencilled with empowering quotes.

That matter-of-fact approach is reflected in Carafem’s advertising.

Pink billboards around Washington (D.C.) streets and metro stations have sprung up, proclaiming: “ABORTION. Yeah, we do that.”

An attempt to normalize infanticide; in Washington, D.C. no less; right under the noses of our Representatives and Senators.

I’ve never heard of Whole Woman’s Health or Carafem before; have to read all about it . . . in the Canadian Press.:frowning: :o


I believe I have recently heard of these places with their spa like atmospheres. I wonder if Hillary Clinton’s name is prominently displayed on one of the rooms.


How incredibly sad is the attempt to normalize abortion as a simple no big deal procedure. Will they have clinics that will console women that experience trauma? Of course not.
It’s still the same.

An article I read about a woman regretting her abortion said she was treated like a queen
when she checked in and handed her cash (required, no other form of payment was accepted) and then swept out the back door like a piece of trash traumatized and all alone.

May God protect the unborn and help soften the hearts of women with unplanned pregnancy towards an option that keeps the baby alive.



Kyrie eleison!


Have mercy on us and on the whole world


Of course. It’s not surprising.

And frankly, if I were an abortionist, I’d follow that same plan.

When pro-life people talk about the emotional and psychological harm abortion does to the mothers, it makes complete sense for an abortionist to market all the services and amenities he can in order to mitigate that psychological damage.

It’s similar to when people give their aborted babies names–it’s a pitiful attempt to make themselves feel better, to dupe themselves into believing that they actually cared about the baby they just killed. From a larger perspective, it’s an attempt to slough off the public perception that abortionists and their victims are uncaring.

Same old same old.

“Now available! Free WiFi and complementary car wash with each abortion!”


Conversely, I would suggest that these attempts are not designed to acknowledge the potential for emotional and psychological harm with abortion; rather, I would suggest that this is part of a larger trend (e.g. shout you abortion) to try and downplay the significance of an abortion. I would say that that the pro-life movement in the US has largely been able to not only hold the line, but also to gain ground, by keeping abortion as a big, controversial procedure within the public perception.

The pro-choice movement tried, and failed, to shut down the conversation around abortion. Had they succeeded the situation would be rather similar to Canada were even widely supported measures (e.g. banning sex selective abortion) fails to gain traction out of the need to bow before abortion rights. With that option failed, they are attempting to making the concept of an abortion so trivial that it isn’t worthy of a public conversation (or worthy of the need for restrictions).


This spa-like abortion environment is nothing compared to what probably comes after that, in the never ending systematic brainwashing of the population, into believing murdering the unborn is totally fine and acceptable.

God will not put up with this for much longer, been going on far too long now.


First got wind of this about 10 years ago and started this thread here. Sad to see ads for this in my old stomping grounds.


I agree with your first paragraph re abortionist attempts to normalize the evil of abortion.
Yet,I find your statement re post abortive women very abrasive and uncharitable.Unless you know of someone who personally experienced the trauma of an abortion,I suggest you not assume the motivation behind the naming of their aborted baby.
This is the Year of Mercy,God is merciful,yes,even to women who have aborted their babies.


I would think naming the baby is a huge part of the healing process. You are not only acknowledging it was more than tissue, but also acknowledging the gravity of what you did. and this is the year of mercy and God wants to give mercy to these women who are sincerely repentant of what they did.




I am saddened by your post. :frowning: Naming aborted babies is often a first step in processing the grief and horror of what was lost and why. I lost my baby to miscarriage, and naming our little one has given us a sliver of consolation in the midst of our loss. It’s hard enough to loose a child to miscarriage, stillbirth or fatal childhood illness. I can only imagine the extra pain and suffering realizing your actions caused this little one to die a tragic death. These women need our love, sympathy and prayers. They need our support if and when they are ready to repent of their sin and go forth anew through confession, forgiveness and spiritual/emotional counseling. We do the cause of life a great favor helping one of these poor souls through their time of recognition of loss and the tragedy of the crime committed. We do well to love the sinner, while hating the sin.


Well said!:thumbsup:


Yeah, not convinced. When women and couples are encouraged to name their babies and leave messages at the clinic like “Sorry baby, but we just weren’t ready for you yet,” I’m not moved to sympathy.

They’re not recognizing their sin but rather attempt to rationalize and justify their “choice.”

I’m not talking about truly remorseful people, but those who think they’re somehow making it better by hanging notecards on the walls of the abortion clinic’s waiting room. At least, this is what was described during a homily a few years ago.


Have you personally dealt with women (or men) who are post-abortive?


Are you familiar with Rachael’s Vineyard Post abortive Retreats?This is a beautiful ministry,led by a Catholic priest,a licensed counseler and several facilitators.Through the course of a weekend retreat,countless,women,men,grandparents,siblings have found healing and the consolation of Our Lord’s Loving Mercy,by working through their abortion experience,through various exercises,one of which is recognizing their baby through naming them.This I s a international ministry,which is reflective of the need for healing from the wound of abortion,which extends beyond just the woman involved.


A clever business move, ‘customers’ don’t mind the wait and they can keep their abortionists fully optimized. Previously someone posted Yelp reviews of PP, extended wait times were the biggest complaint.


I don’t think On the Hill had ill intent with the post. In the post it was noted the issue was not truly remorseful persons. Perhaps some posters are being a little too hard on the poster.

Just a thought. Sometimes it’s best to put the best construction on a post and go from there.



So what’s the deal? The idealist, post-modern, feminist ideology not hashing enough $$$?

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