CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


This really looks like it is set up by Venezuela and leftist groups because of the way, they talk about the big bad Yanqui. That is there propaganda, I’m not saying it is all wrong either.


There is a lot coming out about Venezuela. There are names and ties abroad for corruption. Gold to Turkey.
And as it is surfacing, we realize more and more how the network extends to the darkest .
That is another topic in itself.
That you say is being said. But I have nothing of concrete evidence to share that has come out in relation to Venezuela and the caravan.


Our Vice President was talking the other day on TV about the caravan, and they see the origin as a project of a left wing Honduran political part and financing by the Venezuelan regime, who President Trump has been a bit testy with. Top officials like Mr. Pence don’t talk like that unless they know something.


It happened here a few days ago,that there were Venezuelans and a Turquish guy who were involved in a bad violent protest outside our Congress. And our President considered if these people were sent by Venezuela. Very likely.
So if Pence has found a connection,there probably is.
I wouldn’t t be surprised. The extense of tge corruption coming out now by our two previous administrations ( and I mean evidence,millions,stuff,illegal ,properties,bags of money,concrete stuff,not ideology or vapour)who had close ties with Chavez and Maduro, among others is almost obscene.
And it will get darker. There is the murder of our Attorney General unresolved yet. And it doesn t stay at this side of the Atlantic. It goes beyond.
But this is off topic. Until who knows,it is related.


I see you found that article from the other thread. FWIW meaning For Whatever It’s Worth… A first hand account of the Caravan… reportedly.


I just did,Victoria. Thank you!


end the welfare state and I am fine with open borders.


The Church needs to stop finger-wagging and start helping. If every parish sponsored one family of immigrants, we wouldn’t have a problem. When my grandparents came to America from Communist Poland by way of Austria, they had to have $10,000 in savings and sign a waiver stating that they would not be eligible for welfare of any kind, but rather rely on their sponsors if they needed assistance. The savings requirement may have been excessive, but the understanding that we will not allow you to be a burden on the taxpayers is quite reasonable. Furthermore, those who re-enter the country illegally after being deported belong in jail, because they indicate contempt for the law.


In HR 6061 Secure Fence Act of 2006, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, and Biden were all part of the 87% of democrats who voted in favor. A 700 mile fence was to be built on the U.S. Mexico border. Wafflers.


Here is a link showing Barack Obama in 2005 speaking against illegal immigrants: Obama: We simply cannot allow people to pour into the US undetected, undocumented, unchecked…


Of course. That’s why it’s important to read their stories.


There’s a process for vetting refugees and asylees.


Victoria, you are correct. True Asylum seekers must seek asylum in the closest country. That means they should not be coming to the U.S.


You’re correct.


Good point, Seagull.


Judge Jeanine is one of a kind. She looks right into the camera and blasts the bad guys.


And the problem with that procedure is that it takes weeks, sometimes many weeks to parse through the vetting process. And in between time, what should be done with the people? The idea of letting them sit in penitentiary is fine, except for the fact that they are bringing children with them, and penitentiaries aren’t considered to be very wholesome for kids. Yet, the government gets grief for separating them as well.

That’s why its better to have these applications for asylum done on line, with the applicant not here.


Augustinian and friends, this is where the Church and also Protestant churches/communities step in and provide housing, food, clothing, medical care, warmth, friendship, practice with American English, education about jobs and work in this country, help with all the required paperwork, prayer, worship, and safety to those who are in the process of applying to be admitted to the U.S. This is what Christians are supposed to do.

Practically, this means that the Christians in the vicinity of “the border” are on tap for all this work, and that’s quite a burden for them and it’s understandable that they would say, “We can’t do all this ourselves. We have jobs and families and we don’t have the money to take care of so many people.”

So all the rest of us Christians in the middle of the country, and up North and out East should do our part and chip in money, lots of it, and possibly volunteer ourselves to go or even move down to “the border” to be available to help with this good work.

I think that one reason why immigration laws are as stingy as they are is because Christians have failed to do the good work of caring for refugees that we are called to do in the Scriptures and by our Church/churches. When no one is willing to take care of refugees and immigrants except the street gangs, it’s no wonder that our government has to make such tough laws that make it difficult for truly needy people to enter the U.S. They can’t just let a flood of people in who will end up destitute and easy victims for recruitment into crime.

Pres. Trump is not a monster–he is carrying out his job as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution–to ENFORCE the law. He has repeatedly called for Congress to pass sensible immigration laws, but they are too busy squabbling to do any actual work, other than working on plans to impeach a man that their constituents elected.

It all comes down to what Christians are willing or not willing to do. I’m willing to help.


170 million people around the world want to come to the United States- There is certainly enough physical room for those many people, just a lack of opportunity for them at this time. Millions of immigrants with nothing better to do is a problem.

Encouraging industry to expand could provide the opportunities and income needed. The titans of industry who are making a killing over the new industries should be doing their part- not just churches.


Augie, I can’t believe I have to explain this, but poor people living in shacks don’t have Internet access. In fact, that’s the vast majority of Honduras. They also don’t speak English, the only language in which you can find the online application. Are you suggesting that they stay home and get themselves and their children shot because of these limitations?

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