CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


Many are


Mexico is one of the most developed countries in the region. It’s not that bad.


Seriously? Sections of Mexico, like where my in laws live, have higher murder rates than Honduras. It has the highest murder rate for priests in the world. It has one of the largest gaps between rich and poor in the world. It’s “not so bad” in select tourist areas. Beyond that, there are US travel advisories warning of the safety of travelers even.

You are right that it is better than many places in Latin America, though. That’s the reason so many are dying trying to leave.


The gap before rich and poor is irrelevant.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but if these are all good people in this caravan, surely they’d be able to help Mexico fix the bad parts.


You seriously believe that? With the cartels and politians in Mexico killing each other and everyone else, how Can poor migrants fix that? They are leaving because they can’t fix their own country.


Give them a gun and some training and point them at the enemy.


That aside, many have decided to migrate to and settle in Mexico, including some on this caravan.

I am worried for the security of our border. I know not everyone who migrates is a “good person,” but some of the things people assume or state are just wrong. Latin America needs help. If we don’t want continuos migration, what are we going to do about it? Other countries much worse off than us are actually doing more than they get credit for.


That is illegal in most of their countries. And not helpful. This is my last response to you.


It’s not illegal to let people who wish to become residents of a country serve in the nations military. Peace out Girl Scout.


It’s sad though. Mexico is a beautiful country, rich in resources. I hope corruption ends soon. The tourism industry must be suffering too. Acapulco was once a great tourist destination, now it’s no longer safe.

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for your children in Mexico.


They are not refugees as soon as they step foot on foreign soil of a country that does not persecute them. They can’t go shopping for health care benefits.


I am pretty sure our founder would let them in accept them and take care of them to the best of his ability with the resources at hand (well he can do way more that that but you get the idea). That’s what Christians do. That is, they do what they can. You can’t argue your way out of it. That’s what Fox News and other fake news organizations do. You can’t justify yourself with this point of view either, your just playing with words. And the way things are going in our country we are not too much further down the list of targets. People of color, Jews, then Catholics and so on. How would you feel? We can’t fix Honduras but we can take care of them.


Different processes, yes. Not meaning to be rude but so what?
If you flee your homeland because your civil rights are taken from you, why would you want to settle in another country that will take away those same rights?
If you flee because you fear to be murdered, why settle where the murderers can still reach you?


We eliminated murder in the the US?


Our founder was very interested in eternal souls-- he made a point of combating spiritual poverty, rather than material poverty. He was the only person in the history of the world who was able to choose when and where and under what circumstances he was born to— and what did he pick? He was the only person in the history of the world who was able to choose under what circumstances he would die— and he chose to subjugate himself not just to the laws of his nation, but to the laws of his nation’s oppressors, as an example of humility and obedience.

You see it in the lives of the saints over and over and over and over. They are unjustly oppressed. But they humbly submit to authority in their lives. And when they wonder whether God is against them, allowing so many obstacles against doing what they feel like they ought to be doing-- and God kindly explains to them that he allows it so that they cultivate that reliance on him, and the virtues of patience and humility and obedience. And eventually, the truth shines through. From our perspective, it’s wasted time and wasted opportunity, but from the eternal perspective, they racked up a whole lot of treasure in heaven for the way they handled adversity.

I’m not saying Christians should do nuthin’. But I am saying that all the energy and attention is being directed into the wrong channels. I think that anyone who knows history will agree that Honduras has never been a politically quiet, steady, calm place. Some of the present corruption has its roots in our efforts to eradicate communism decades ago. We also frown on colonialism, reaching into other countries and saying, “You’re not able to run your own nation, hun. Let us take care of that for you—!” even when it’s obvious that the other countries really can’t run their own nation (except over a cliff!). :wink:

What would be five things you would do to fix the problem at its source, so that people can live in peace in the country they are citizens of, and presumably love?


Someone in Guatemala wants to murder me so I flee to the US. Do I really have to fear that now the US murderers will come after me, perhaps as a professional courtesy to the Guatemalan murderers?


It’s disheartening that so many in the open borders crowd don’t seem to consider the children in this whole unvetted illegal immigrant debate. What about children brought over the border who are victims of sex-trafficking? What about the kids who become addicted to the opioids brought over the border through drug cartels?


i agree that the CHURCH should accept and take care of immigrants and refugees to the best of our ability.

I do NOT agree that the U.S. government should take care of immigrants and refugees.

The President is absolutely right to say that the U.S. government should not be accepting the Caravan. The U.S. government has demonstrated that it will bungle up big-time caring for immigrants and refugees. Why on earth give them yet MORE immigrants to ruin?

Pres. Obama gave an Executive Order creating DACA to provide for children of immigrants to remain in this country, but he gave very stern warnings to Congress–which Congress has IGNORED!–that they must pass LAWS which will protect children of immigrants permanently.

That’s just one example of how the U.S. has messed up the care of immigrants and refugees. Here is another example of the inability of the U.S. government to provide care: throughout the country, many immigrants live in fear of being discovered as illegals–why hasn’t the U.S. government (Congress, not the President!) made laws that would create a path to amnesty and citizenship for these illegals? (The Executive Branch of the U.S. government is NOT allowed to make laws!! Remember your U.S. Civics class back in high school?)

One more example of U.S. government bungling: immigrants and refugees continue to iive in poverty/destitution, causing them to turn to the criminal gangs and mobs to help them. Many of the immigrants and refugees have never learned American English and live lives virtually isolated from American people, who are often suspicious and fearful of this “nation within a nation.”

Again and again the U.S. government has failed immigrants and refugees who currently struggle along in this country. In some places, the Church and religious organizations and communities have stepped up and are trying to help, but they are greatly hobbled by the failure of the U.S. Congress to create a sensible and compassionate plan that would provide for legal admission and assimilation of immigrants into the country.

President Trump has repeatedly pointed this out and demanded that Congress get busy and pass good laws that would help immigration processes, but the Senators and Representatives have dug in their heels and chosen to blame the whole thing on Pres. Trump (ignoring Pres. Obama’s deportation of thousands of immigrants) and continue accuse the President of bigotry and racism in a pathetic and twisted attempt to persuade their constituents to rise up against their duly-elected President, protest his every breath and his family’s breaths as well, and demand his impeachment, even though he has not committed any crimes!

This is a SIN–Congress is using the immigrants and refugees as a political tool to destroy the President.


(continued from last post)

The Catholic Church has to STOP joining in the political fray, and instead, inform the President and Congress that we are ready and waiting to help the immigrants with monies, ESL, and practical aid, and that Congress MUST pass laws that will vet and legalize those who are attempting to enter the country, and also provide a legal path to citizenship for illegals who are currently in the country.

Absolutely NO GOOD will come of continued criticism of the President–the Church will continue to lose members who find the political game-playing unacceptable. Instead of politicizing the issue, we Christians should give money, lots of time, and goods and surround all of our donations with much love. If the Church did this, Congress’ shameful behavior would be brought to light and hopefully, they would repent and stop fighting among themselves and get back to work.


And Jesus loves children. And He said: Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me. Should we follow the advice given by Jesus and welcome the stranger, or should we follow the advice of Mr. Trump and call out the military with their weapons ready to aim and fire at hungry, unarmed, men, women and children? First the US intervenes in Central American countries, then when the population complains, the US turns their military against people who have been hurt by the American intervention.

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