CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


I live in southern California and I can say it is not run by violent Mexican gangs.The prisons and jails are, that’s for sure. Yes, there is a gang problem in lots of so cal but the majority of people live unaffected by it or not even aware of it


Yes, this all makes sense.

We have many immigrants from many countries in our city, and I agree that most of them are here to work, play, worship, and give back to their adopted country. They add a richness to our lives.

And I agree that many of those who are illegally in the country don’t realize it, and would gladly rectify the situation if it doesn’t cost a ton of money and take them away from their jobs and families for long periods of time (even a day away from some jobs is enough to get you written up or worse).

I agree that our CONGRESS needs to stop bickering and nattering and jostling for power, and do the work that we have elected them to do and are paying for them to do–they need to sit down and hammer out a mutually-acceptable (not perfect for one Party!) immigration policy that would create a better way to process those who want to come into the country (including a LARGE holding center that provides a decent and comfortable place for entire families with children to stay while they wait to be processed), and a reasonably-quick and reasonably-priced path to citizenship for those who are already in this country illegally.

A person who is seeking citizenship after being in this country illegally for 6 months or 6 years should NOT have to hire a LAWYER and pay them a handsome fee to earn citizenship! There must be a way that a person seeking citizenship can make an appeal through clergy, doctors, company owners, social workers, etc. without having to cough up bucks and wait for months or even years to hear back. This is the computer age–can’t this process be expedited?!

I personally think that this is what Pres. Trump is trying to get the Congress to do–he is used to being the “CEO” and telling his employees what to do and how fast they have to do it. I don’t think he is racist or anti-immigrant–I think he simply wants to have a policy in place so that our country can be certain that all the people we admit into this country want to be here and want to eventually be American citizens, not a “country within a country.” It has worked until now–ALL Americans have ancestors who immigrated here from some other country, and many of us still retain customs of our “Old Country.” No one expects immigrants to abandon their heritage and forget all their customs, traditions, and language. America is the richer for all this! But we DO want people to be loyal to their new country, which means seeking citizenship if they choose to remain here permanently.

I just wish our Congress would stop fighting, accept the President who was legally elected with a system that has been in place for almost the entire time that the U.S. has existed, and GET TO WORK. If I acted like they do in my hospital, I would be fired. I’m sure Pres. Trump wishes that he could treat Congresspeople like he treated his guests on his Apprentice TV show and tell the, “You’re fired!” I hope that many of their constituents will do that for him in the election next week!


“Give me your poor tired, huddled masses yearning to be free” send the soldiers to finish of the multifront war we are enabling in the mideast, and then have them return. No need to mass troops on the border…


Yes, great point.


Except that the invasion by the Americans comes first, and then after the Americans have wrecked the country they invaded, people from those countries seek asylum from the misery and hopelessness created by the Americans who invaded their country.
Did you ever hear of a mass influx of people from Vietnam before the Vietnam war? Did you ever hear of millions of people from Syria and the surrounding areas seeking asylum in Europe before the Americans invaded Iraq and Syria and created a disaster there. And the American invasion of Iraq was under false pretenses. The American invasion of Vietnam was a disaster with the result that thousands of young American soldiers died, but the communists took over anyway.
Why do Americans go around and spend billions of dollars wrecking other countries?
If Americans do not want people seeking asylum in their country, they might want to think about stopping their useless interventions in other countries.


If Values-Voters don’t take the time to vote on Election Day 2018, then you can multiply this caravan by 1,000 because Democrats who demand unvetted open-borders will control Congress.


What is the Christian thing to do?
Then vote again.


Truly amazing posts like this show in a Catholic forum. Wow. And sad.


Like yours are any better.


Actually, all evidence points to groups of people being far more intelligent in aggregate.
Look up Wisdom of the Crowd.
It’s the basis for many aspects modern economics, computer science, and several other fields.

Seriously, the above quote - although it seems obvious - is WRONG.


The answer: being wise is more likely…


So that’s actually not true.

Notwithstanding your personal disdain for how Americans conduct this legal process, I will repeat my statement that these asylees are doing nothing illegal.

Fun fact: As detailed in your Wikepedia article, Chavez actually supported Ronald Reagan’s comprehensive immigration reform law in 1986 and specifically pushed for the provision that included - horror of all horror - amnesty!

So they’re actually not “dumped.” They’re registered and enrolled. The rest of your complaints sound eerily like those population control zealots who love abortion . . .
They’re paying taxes for those schools and roads.

Could you link me to a list of “Democrats who demand unvetted open-borders?”


You got a point.


All supporters of the diversity visa lottery program.


Surely this will all get worked out.


Yea, especially once they catch the perp in charge.


:rofl: nothing really left to say. lol


Whenever thousands of people are all gathered together in one place, it is far better for everyone to have too much security than too little. We have learned the hard way that even a happy occasion can quickly turn tragic when there aren’t enough security personnel on hand. We have armed police standing guard during celebrations, parades, concerts, etc. in our city, and we would certainly have armed police present and ready during a “tense” occasion. It’s common sense…

IF…and hopefully it won’t happen…but IF something bad develops–a multi-person fight, a hostage situation, a mentally-off-balanced person or drug addict who gets violent, a riot, a fire, even some kind of medical emergency that panics the throng and creates a stampede (think of the rock concerts where people have been killed in the crush of stampeding fans)–it is best to have trained security personnel already on hand than to have to call them up and wait for them to arrive.

Just the presence of the soldiers will hopefully keep violence at bay

And if you know the history of the Ellis Island and the immigrants–there were plenty of security personnel present while immigrants were being processed. It wasn’t just a big-ol’ “WELCOME TO AMERICA WE LOVE YOU!” party. Our President has a responsibility to protect our country and citizens who live near the area of the arrival of the Caravan.


Perhaps, but . . .


How about for a Republic to work?

After all, the USA is a REPUBLIC … for which we stand.

Not a democracy.

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