CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


Indeed. No illegal arms or armed people have ever come across that border. :rofl:



The governor of Puerto Rico immediately ordered a curfew … acted like a true dictator.

AND the mayor of San Juan was more concerned with having “Nasty Woman” tee-shirts printed up and flown in rather than distributing aid. The aid was found to have rotted.

An electrical contractor showed up with equipment, helicopters. and workers but was fired, leaving the bureaucrats to dither.


Just a thought here…
If we can send an extra 5,000 troups to assure extra security couldn’t we also send oh, a few hundred extra assessors to process those that are seeking asylum?


Have you considered volunteering your home as a place for those who are granted refugee status?


I’m not going to list all Democrats who want unvetted open borders, but here are a few:
Baldwin, Booker,Bennett, Blumenthal, Brown, Cantwell, Cardin, Carper, Casey, Coons, Warren, Tester, Shaheeb\n, Reed, Peters, Murray, Menendez, Leahy, Heitkamp, Feinstein, Durbin, Heinrich, Klobucher, Murphy, Nelson, Schumer, Smith, Warner, Van Hollen, Schatz, Merkley, Markey, Kaine, Hassan, Duckworth, Harris, Jones, Udall, Wyden, Whitehouse, Hirono, Gillibrand, and Cortez Mastro. All these Senators voted against the bill that would have withheld federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration policy. If you need any first names, I’d be happy to provide them. But I can’t spend my whole day listing names.
Thanks for your interest in this topic.


I do. It’s my favorite ministry. It’s just been super slow now that Trump isn’t letting virtually anybody in.

Professionals are actually required for vetting their applications, however.


The Green Card program? That is not an unvetted, 100% open program.


You might need to find another pastime soon. Do you like golf?


Pro-choice American to pro-life American: “How many babies have you adopted? How much money have you given to pregnant women who can’t afford to raise children? How many hours have you devoted at your local pregnancy crisis center?”

It’s bizarre when Catholics start to use the same strategies as those in favor of abortion…


People do donate to pregnancy centers and help out there.


Of course. Some also adopt. Just as some sponsor refugees, work at the borders to provide humanitarian assistance, etc. The point is this: the argument that enrages many pro-life folks is now being used by these same folks to discredit others in favor of helping those in the “caravan.”


Grace, your name is quite ironic. So, let me ask you. What have you done? .:sunglasses:


My name isn’t really ironic, if you know its origin. :slight_smile:


the Caravan is 2 months off reaching the states, by that time, trump will have all his tanks in a row and all his ducks in a row.
seen the military movement heading to your southern border? It is saying we are expecting a lot of trouble, we need a lot of tanks and equipment.
there is another caravan behind this one.
You guys are facing a how do we stop the boats situation

I will say, if a person is willing to walk months to reach a country, they are going to be real nation builders, the type who won’t quit, the type who won’t sit on their butts and seek the easy path.

I wonder how many catholics are amongst them


If the news is saying it is 4,000, where did you get the 10,000 figure?
What was the source reporting on the crime?


What exactly is your assumption here? That I’m pro-choice?


Exactly my thought…

All these people accusing the left and Soros of financing the caravan…

And I’m thinking to myself: “isn’t Trump benefiting a LOT more from this than the left?”

If anyone is sponsoring this caravan in some sort of conspiracy (which I doubt anyways) I think it would make much more sense if it was Trump supporters or right wingers…


Since you bring it up, then tell us. Are you pro-choice or merely using that important issue to promote another unrelated opinion?


Yea, I can’t imagine how the Soros conspiracy would work. The Democrats are responding to the caravan with their trademark moral spinelessness.


Pro-choicers say, “If you’re pro-life, why aren’t you adopting children?” This is as weak of an argument as saying, “If you stand with the asylees, why aren’t you volunteering with them?”

If I understood her correctly, that was her point.

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