CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


I suspect the finger is being lifted as we speak. :sunglasses:

Let me know how you like it.


I’m 100% pro-life. Now go back and read my posts again with that knowledge in hand.


Not necessarily. The “wisdom of the crowd” idea depends on many people forming their own opinions and not being formed by too many outside interactions.

I seems to me like this is an idea that may work in the field of economics, but could be problematic in the moral/ethical sphere.


We need to take care of our Veterans, then the homeless, then those living in poverty, single parents, the elderly, the mentally handicapped, and more before we even think about those from other countries. This countries resources are limited and we need to apply them to citizens first.


I’m not enraged when people ask us how many children we’ve helped or how much money we’ve given. I think those are legitimate and appropriate questions for pro-life people.

It’s easy to be pro-life and not do a darned thing, or do easy things like stand in front of an abortion clinic and hold a sign and pray once a week. Fasting is out of the question for me, but it’s something that some people do–but does it directly help women in crisis pregnancy situations, or babies born into unstable and dangerous situations, or children who are being brought up in impoverished and dangerous neighborhoods?

Anytime we claim to be righteous, we have to be able to back up our claim with action. Jesus said to be doers of the word, not just hearers.

I do not want to underestimate the power of prayer–GOD can and does work through the prayers of people who can do nothing but pray. My mom was one of those people–she was an invalid who seldom left her home and lived during a time when these types of forums didn’t exist. But she prayed, and it made a difference in the world.

However, most of us should do more than just pray and offer our opinions on computer forums. We need to work.


No, Pres. Trump is not benefiting from this. This Caravan may cost the Republicans the House of Representatives.

This morning, our Sunday newspaper opinion pages are filled with letters to the editor and opinion columns by local and national journalists denouncing Pres. Trump and his inhumanity to the Caravan. Our local television news as well as the national news programs are broadcasting stories describing Pres. Trump as “the emperor who has no clothes,” and his supporters as people who keep pretending that “the emperor has clothes.”

Our local newspaper has endorsed many Republican candidates for local offices, but in every case they have cautioned the Republican candidates to oppose Pres. Trump and fight against him.

This bombardment of Anti Trump opinion WILL affect the election! In spite of the booming economy, people WILL be persuaded to vote against Senators, Representatives, Governors , and local office-holders who are Republican and pro-life.

Yes, this might make a different for the Caravan–a Democratic-controlled House and/or Senate and State governors and state Congresspeople might be able to get many people admitted into the U.S., and if these people are given enough support to become productive and safe citizens, we will all be happy for them.

BUT…at this time in history, a Democratic-controlled House and/or Senate and State governors and state Congresspeople WILL enact pro-choice policies, and they will most definitely enact policies that will involve government intervention (and taxation to pay for it) in many more areas of our lives! That’s not good.

If people want to hate Pres. Trump, fine,but please don’t throw out all the good Republicans who have stood up against Hollywood stars and journalists and worked to end legal abortion in this country! Please don’t elect Democrats who think the answer to everything is let the government handle it instead of the local people in their own communities (which is the Catholic way according to the Catechism, BTW).


The comment about golf is just not true (non-sport).

We have an organization in our city that works children and teenagers at risk to get them involved with golf, and we have seen some really good things come out of this. I believe that Tiger Woods started this up in our city, and the work continues.

ANY sport that keeps kids away from drugs, out of gangs, and working hard in school is GOOD!

I’m not interested in golf, but I respect that others ARE interested in it and most of them are not billionaires.

Finally, your comments of Pres. and Mrs. Trump are mean-spirited. Mrs. Trump especially does not deserve negative criticism. We have no idea what she does to help immigrants, but I’m willing to guess that she does good things that are not publicized by her own wishes.


Dont think so, the claims the GOP will lose the house has been bantered about well before this caravan started.

This started the day after the election.

I support Trump 100%. He has done nothing wrong. and in fact has improved the economic conditions of this country.

There will be 51 to 54 GOP senators after mid terms and the GOP will keep the house. I have no proof or evidence this will happen. It is nothing more than my opinion. it is my opinion because “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact”


DH likes to go play golf with his friend he doesn’t get to see often. They meet at a golf course halfway between their two towns.

The green fee for non-members is $12.50 each. If they wanted to rent a cart, that would be another $12.50.

They choose to walk. :wink:

So, each gets a morning of golf for what’s basically the cost of a meal at a sit-down restaurant the next tier up from fast food. Somehow they find it in the budget.

If they golfed more than once or twice a month, they could buy a membership. That would run them $45/month, and then their green fee would just be a dollar. The cart fee would still be $12.50, though.


So you’re saying that this is an expensive sport?

It’s all a matter of perspective. My daughters grew up figure skating. During their high school years, we were spending around $600.00 (six hundred dollars) a MONTH for each of them. That’s $1200.00 (twelve hundred dollars) a month. And that was in the 1990s and early 2000s. It’s even more expensive now, since there are less people involved with the sport, the new judging system (Points-based) costs a fortune for rinks to use during competitions, and the Safe Sport program requires way too much of local clubs.

Both of my daughters are still involved with figure skating, one as a coach, and one for fitness/exercise/joy of skating. My husband was involved for ten years (after they graduated from high school), but has not skated in several months due to a hip injury (probably aggravated by skating, so you could add in the medical costs to the costs of the actual sport).

So at $600.00/month, that comes to $20/day, which is a little less than golf, but most amateur/hobby golfers don’t golf every day. And as you pointed out, joining a club would bring the cost down per game for golfers.

We are far from rich. I was a stay-at-home mom while my daughters were young, but when they were both in school, my husband and I realized that the cost of figure skating at an advanced level and for team skating was going to be more than his income could handle, so I went back to work. For many years, virtually every penny of my paycheck (medical technologist) went towards two things–our church tithe (we were Protestant during those years) and our skating bills. We also used my check for all the eating out–it was very hard to eat at home during the skating years, as practices started at 6:00 a.m., and usually we were back at the rink after school until around 6:00 p.m. We also made trips into Chicago at least once during the week, and also on Saturdays and Sundays (didn’t get home til around 2:00 p.m. on weekends)–so we did a lot of eating out, usually at fast food places.

I’m not trying to one-up you here–I’m only pointing out that sports are not cheap, but they bring so much joy and positive things to our lives that I can’t criticize people who spend money and time on them. A golf game is more than just a game–it’s a chance for men and women to network and make business connections. When my husband was younger and still a newcomer to the Big Company that hired him out of college, he realized that he needed to learn to play golf so he wouldn’t be left out of the networking. So he learned, and he was terrible at it, but at least he was able to participate with the other people in his company.


Defense of the unborn in a debate is not a claim to righteousness.


It was light-hearted, and I had no idea it would be taken this seriously. Apologies.


I do not consider my words about Trump to be at all mean-spirited. I am criticizing him for his stance on immigrants, refugees, and asylees and feel that it’s more than appropriate to point out his privileged immigrant wife.


Do you really expect readers to consider that vote about withholding federal funds to mean they favor unvetted open borders? The actual fact is the no Democrat is promoting open unvetted borders. But if you prefer to do battle with a straw man, go right ahead.


No, I was agreeing with you.

It can be an expensive sport, fer sure. But it can also be done very, very affordably, especially as sports go.


Being a sidewalk counselor and/or praying in front of a clinic is not easy.

Just the upclose witness of actual women going in to abort actual babies is spiritually and emotionally difficult.

Then the threats, the verbal abuse, the threats of calling police, the police actually coming, are actual real things that happen.

Look up Monsignor Reilly of God’s Precious Infants. He’s probably spent years of his life in front of clinics.


F_Marturana, yes, I can agree with you and I apologize for belittling their part in the battle.

We had an abortion clinic in our city for at least 20 years–in an old school, of all the ironic locations.

The man that owned the clinic was indecent. He up up blasphemous and near-pornographic pictures of Jesus and Mary in the windows of his clinic, and used a loudspeaker to berate sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors (freedom of speech). He also had cameras installed every ten feet or so, and if anyone stepped off the sidewalk onto the lawn, he would call the cops and have that person charged (trespassing?). The doctors who worked there didn’t even live in our city, but drove in everyday from out of state.

Priests who came to pray and/or counsel said that the demons surrounded the place and that children should not come near it.

One Catholic activist in our city was arrested on a regular basis for his work at that clinic. He’s still fighting for pro-life causes–just this week, he had a letter in our newspaper urging Christians not to vote for anyone of any political party who is pro-choice.

Thank God the abortion clinic was shut down several years ago after the State of Illinois inspected the clinic and deemed it unsanitary and unsafe. Now the clinic has become a neighborhood police station, and the gym is open to children and teens after school for pick-up basketball and other games. The policemen have conference rooms (old classrooms) fixed up and open to groups who need a place to meet. And there are no vile signs or images in the newly-installed, clean windows.

It’s so wonderful.


I don’t understand this comment. Please elaborate if you have time. Thanks.


Those who take the time to vote tomorrow can look our kids in the eyes and know that we did what we could to protect the future of American citizens.


Sanctuary cities for ILLEGAL immigrants = unvetted open borders.


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