CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


That’s quite a stretch; those cities in no way control border entry.

“Unvetted open borders” would mean no Border Patrol, no immigration laws, no CBP at ports of entry – and no one I’ve seen is advocating that.


That would be because there aren’t any.


Really? The Hondurans are armed and armor clad and gearing up to kill, rape, and pillage Medieval style? When did this happen? I dunno. Somehow they don’t look that scary to me.


The concept of “sanctuary cities” sounds scary until you consider that they exist for a very practical reason: To allow the police to do their actual job. Without this kind of protection, the police are spread thin doing the feds’ job, and undocumented immigrants lose their incentive to file police reports, including for car accidents and domestic violence.

To be crystal clear, however, this thread isn’t about “undocumented immigrants” or “unvetted borders.” The situation with the Hondurans involves people legally seeking asylum at a an overly vetted border.


Or the xenophobes


The argument is, as you suggest, that we need “sanctuary city” policies to protect crime victims and witnesses (who happen to be here illegally) who are afraid that they might be deported if they go to the polices.

The other argument, heard recently from a law enforcement official, is that that doesn’t happen. Police are interested in prosecuting criminals and have no interest in having crime victims or witnesses deported; they have an interest in those people being available to testify.


Sanctuary cities encourage and reward illegal immigration.


They aren’t illegal immigrants yet.


You’re equating refugees with creations of pure evil? Well, at least someone here is honest about his xenophobia, I guess.


Its a meme. Try not to read to read too much into it.


And what were you attempting to say by sharing it?


Irrelevant. Illegality trumps Catholicism. They’re enemy invaders that some say are surging toward us armed with leprosy and smallpox.

Onward! Christian soldiers, marching as to war!


That’s because they’re camouflaged as women and children. In actuality they are murderous bots armed and trained by Obama’s shadow government.

Their plan is for world domination of the lettuce picking industry in California’s Central Valley. If successful, they’ll be able to pick all the fresh fruits and vegetables they won’t be able to afford to buy. Eventually they’ll become like regular Americans and survive on a diet of fat, salt, and sugar, fortified by caffeine, until they die of obesity related causes like diabetes and heart disease.

Our only hope may be to carpet bomb their human tsunami with McDonald’s Happy Meals so their kids can become addicted to the American nutrition plan sooner rather than later.


They are not invaders, they are not even at your border, yet, and won’t be for quite some time. They are refugees who hope to seek asylum.

I see that ad in usa got pulled from a few stations. The one about them being invaders. CNN, Fox, etc pulled it.

I can’t see them being invaders either , given the weaponry and troops you are amassing on the border. Will that stay there for the 2 months it takes for people to arrive?

Watch those Canadians, if all that weaponry and troops is down south, could this be a Canadian plot…


Last I heard, the U.S… military wasn’t particularly interested in doing more than the bare minimum in terms of activities to support the border patrols and local law enforcement. For example, troops won’t be building tent cities for the caravaners.

Hopefully, this is a sign that the Pentagon is too smart to get sucked into P.T. Barnum’s latest circus.


are you watching your news and seeing the troops and military equipment massing on your southern border?

I am in Australia, we are seeing it in news coverage. trains packed with tanks etc.

you are massing more troops on your southern border then you have in many countries, including those undergoing the terrorist wars.


Local news is not covering it at all.
Guess they are too busy with midterm elections.


That outsiders are bad for the body politic.


i have been trying to find the news clip, it was ‘wow’ must be expecting quite an engagement on the border.

We are covering the mid term elections here. It looks like democrats will win the House from the Republicans. Republicans will get the senate, if I understand right.
Ocasio will be the youngest woman in the senate. I wonder how old she is.
Colorado has elected its first gay governor. openly gay.


And the image you used to convey that idea is one depicting creations of pure evil.

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