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Police unions are in favor of sanctuary cities, so as a professional body, they must see some wisdom to the practice.

Sanctuary cities are off-topic to this thread, however.


The problem is that huge swathes of the populous world have very bad and corrupt leaders and dictators, who strip much of the wealth of these countries and keep it for themselves and their ‘iffy’ cronies. In doing so they help impoverish their countries, forcing those subject to their moral mismanagement to seek ‘greener pastures’ elsewhere - the US, Canada and Europe are seen by many as being those very pastures. The issue is that we can’t take them all in - there are potentially many many millions; and if some are let in, then why not all the others? Why should we favour some and not the others?

Of course the other issue over letting large numbers of migrants into ‘our’ countries, is that it impacts the economies, demographics, cultures and society - that these folks do not leave their psychological and perceptual issues, expectations and demands behind, they tend to bring them along for the ride. -A significant minority also bring criminality and even terrorism with them. When it comes to criminality, well, I for one feel ‘we’ already have more than enough ‘nere-do-wells’ residing within ‘our’ communities.

We live in increasingly morally and spiritually ‘interesting’ times.


Is it there yet?


Looks like Steve, but he sells papers in Chicago’ what is he doing down there?


wall upgrade

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welded steel concreted into place


Really - - you think the majority of people are unaffected by it?
This is from 2011:

As a first step, we must recognize that gang violence is a critical social issue, and it extracts a high toll on the business community and the general public. The city of Los Angeles alone harbors over 400 gangs with more than 39,000 members, according to the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles...The Vera Institute of Justice Cost Benefit Analysis reported that in 2006, medical care for victims of gunshot wounds in the city of Los Angeles cost California and federal agencies an estimated $45 million. The same report said out-of-pocket expenses to victims such as loss of wages, property damage, medical and quality of life total some $1.1 billion annually.


Okay, yes, most of them show up for court. Laughing my butt off - - all 60-70 percent…


I was not talking about money. I meant most people do not live in fear for their lives over the existence of Mexican gangs here or even know it exists. I am not saying it is not a problem though. Some do live in fear unfortunately but the majority do not. I responded to the claim that southern California is controled by Mexican gangs. It is not, regardless if their graffiti and gunshot wounds cost tax payers money. It does not mean they run anything other than the prisons.

I also should have added most the gang members are not even from Mexico. A lot are but these are Chicano gangs. That means they are Americans of Mexican decent. So “Mexican gangs” is not actually accurate.

Not a liberal here. I’m a conservative. Just stating what I know.


“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

This is America!!!


Funny how President Trump isn’t constantly mentioning the “invasion” now that the election is over.


How did China’'s wall, Berlin, and Hadrian’s wall do in the long run? Interesting how we can mass troops to the unarmed and have trouble bringing conlicts in the Mideast (that we are involved in) to an end


Merely an inscription … not a policy.

The current batch do not want to breathe free … they want free stuff.


Right… just like one nation, under God is simply an inscription or saying … America is America… not what today’s crazy nationalist want it to be. You wound not be here if what you describe is what America was… I believe you have missed the point


Written in 1883 not 1983. Written well before the welfare state took a hold of the USA. As a middle class non union, non government employee I want most immigration halted for 60 to 80 years. We HAVE done it in the past so quit saying it unamerican to do so.


My family, both side, legally came to this country. both families arrived before the 1920 slow down of allowing immigrant to enter the country. They also came here broke and both sides didnt depend upon government welfare. Why is it that liberals are so willing to distort history and facts about immigration into the USA?

Why is it that no liberals are willing to discuss that the huge influx of immigrant that built this country happened when there was no welfare to support them? End the welfare state and we can have millions enter this country.


I just threw up a little.

Located near the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” -Emma Lazarus

Our country has always welcomed those in need. It is the Christian thing to do.


this simply isnt true. From 1920 until 1965 the usa have limited immigration. We were a more christian nation then than we are now. Again, end the welfare state and we can have open boarders.


We were also very selective of the countries we allowed immigrants to come from.


Not really true.

Only true if you use your own money … take them into your own house.

Kathy DiFiore did it / apparently still does it: >>

… paid a huge fine …

Emma Lazarus was a word smith … and the Statue of Liberty was the subject of a word contest.

She just banged out random words.

And won a contest. In 1903 … she died in 1887.

1939: >>


Give me your criminals?

Your gang members?

Your human traffickers?

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