CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


Why not discuss facts instead of feeling? This country at one time limited immigration. We also were not a welfare nation. Why is it that liberals, progressives, socialist, progressive catholics, democratic socalist, never mind lets just place them in a basket I like to call “statist”, are so unwilling to discuss facts? Lets allow these people to enter the USA but they may not vote for 18 years and they may not recieve any governmental benefits for 12 years. Their children may not become citizens for 18 years also.


If by “selective” you mean extremely racist.


So they’re all criminals and gang members?


At one time immigration was controlled by percentages. Why are you calling someone post racist? how about using some facts to back up your claim? I can, can you?


I didn’t call his post racist. I said the immigration policies of yore were racist.

But since you’re so big on facts, I’m sure you already knew that.


Potato potatoh.


The percentages were based on racial policies. She’s not wrong.


Not to the Chinese.


so youre calling his belief racist?

AGAIN in the past this country has limited immigration. It applied those limits based upon percentage of people that already lived here.

I have to be careful what I write. I can be suspended for the slightest of issues that people can take as offensive.

Bet after this one I am suspended for two weeks because I use facts instead of feelings.


I never said “all.”




Oh good. So we’re cool with letting the non-gang banger majority in?


Now youre just rude. But that is expected when a statist loses an argument.



Also, I’m not trying to win any arguments. When people have already decided that their fellow children of God are unworthy of assistance, there can be no winning.


No it wasn’t racist. It was done in order to allow those in to integrate with the American culture. I want the American culture to survive and prosper. That isnt racist.


Hold on, I never even said I supported the policy. I just stated a fact.


“American culture” is constantly in flux. You can’t “protect” it or prevent it from changing.


No they were very much racially motivated. We allowed in mostly Europeans, and only small numbers of others, mostly for use as cheap labor in sparsely populated areas for infrastructure projects. I.e. the transcontinental railroad in the case of the Chinese.


Go to japan and say that. go to china and say that.


The percentages were in place from 1920 in 1965. The TCR was completed in 1870 please use another symbolic talking point to misrepresent as a fact.

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