CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


Good point. Here is more current information.

Since 2010, Honduras has had one of the highest murder rates in the world.

Do you mean 2012? They all stayed behind because it was kind of fun to wait around and get murdered.

Sarcasm aside, they were actually putting their children on trains in a frantic effort to get them out of there.


Often, people who stand up and demand change and fairness, end up getting murdered. It happens a lot more often in Central American countries than in the U.S.


Earlier, I had stated that over 60% of the caravan consisted of young single males. I was just being cautiously conservative. It turns out that more than 90% of the caravan is male.


Source, please?


Its been reported numerous times. DHS has made that statement, as did Ami Horowitz on the ground.

The reason it isn’t well known is that much of the MSM stages their coverage by placing available women and children at the front when they shoot video.

But I doubt I am telling you anything you didn’t know.


:open_mouth: Lawdy lawdy! They’s a comin’ to git us! :open_mouth:


Actually, about 2300 of them are children. 10% of 7000 is 70, not 2300. So clearly, a lot fewer than 90% of them are men.


I applaud you on your math. I do, however, question your sense of realism.

If 2300 are children, that means approximately another 1500 to 2000 are women, which implies over 4000 of the 7000 (well over half) are women and children. None of the videos from the ground, even the most sympathetic with the plight of the migrants, show that.

At this point, knowing the globalist political bent of the UN and its agencies – think about the migration pact being pushed hard – I am inclined to think the UNICEF “estimates” are bogus. Horowitz’ on the ground video and video from independent reporters at the border serve as clear evidence that UNICEF is engaged in political propaganda.


Reaffirmed here…


Yeah, no. That isn’t the issue at all.

The issue is the move by the globalist capitalists and socialists to dismantle national sovereignty and replace it with a centralized political structure. I wouldn’t be so quick to pooh-pooh this as a concern.

By distancing judicial and legislative authority further away from the people, representative governments are being replaced by politburos that will base decisions not upon what is good for people as individuals or communities but what is “good” according to ideological or economic aims, long term.

This is a crucial time in human history – even more so than when much of the world was destabilized by communism and fascism at the beginning of the last century – because technology, information, resources and wealth are far more amenable to control by the super-wealthy and central bankers. They won’t permit upstart nations or politicians to halt or derail their plans.

Conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but didn’t German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian autocrats and plutocrats conspire to expand their political and economic power less than a century ago? I am sure there were those in Poland, France, Britain, Holland, the Philippines and a number of other places that joked about “They’s a comin’ to git us!” :open_mouth:

At least keep your eyes, ears and mind open to what may be happening and not so certain that what the media speaks in a largely coordinated and unified voice is necessarily the truth.

Yeah, I know, it is disconcerting to think that not all of our fellow human beings have the best interests of everyone at heart, but better to be wary than woeful and regretful when it is too late to change anything at all.


That’s quite the epistle. I reject it as right wing scare tactics, but I applaud the effort.


I see. So you reject it, not on the basis of any real evidence from what is happening in the world, but on the grounds that it happens to not fit your own political viewpoint.

Nice. :thinking:


I truly hope " Social Security " will be around 15 years from now.


Yeah I wonder if those who bemoan the break up of families as a reason to circumvent the law also promote the rebellion of the government that redefined marriage thereby denying children the right to a mother and a father?


Thanks for your interest and for your question.
“…Despite the framing of the caravan as being full of women and children, the reality on the ground is quite different. Approximately 90 to 95% of the migrants are male,” notes Horowitz, over footage of rows and rows of men…" The link is below:


Unless I can cite Michael Moore as a credible source, you shouldn’t be citing Horowitz.

Women and girls make up nearly half of the first wave of the northbound exodus, according to statistics released on Saturday by officials from a shelter in southern Mexico.

Of the 5,109 people accounted for, 1,565 are women and 952 are girls.


I suppose when Ami begins to prostitute himself politically and makes outlandish statements on a daily basis, you might have an equivalence to speak of.

In the meantime, you can rely on Moore to give you the facts and I’ll stick with Mr. Horowitz.

Aljazeera is kind of an outlier on those statistics. I’ll wait for more sources before declaring them reliable.

Besides, the date on that article was October 21, when the caravan was just crossing into Guatemala from Honduras. Perhaps, very early the caravan had that kind of composition, but that need not mean it still does. Given that women with children would be the first to drop out of a long and dangerous trek it is quite plausible that the numbers have changed drastically.

Ergo, both Aljazeera and Horowitz could be correct.

Which leaves you to come up with Michael Moore’s estimates.

On second thought spare yourself the inconvenience.


I doubt the bemoaning has anything to do with actual harm or actual good to real people, but more like a slight aggression being imagined, a fleeting idea not realized, a utopian dream not fulfilled, or a vaunted narrative falling short.


Nice word choice.

Horowitz’s tendency to play fast 'n loose with the “facts” makes him suspect.


Assuming that the fact-checking news agency made up of a conglomeration of Swedish news media that toe the leftist-globalist and EU agenda have a monopoly on the facts.

Sorry, this is like asking a Canadian to trust the CBC or the Canadian media to provide “the facts” about the Liberal government after they have collectively received over $2 billion in subsidies from the Liberals in Canada.

Colour me slightly jaded regarding the veracity of the media in the entire western world.

Sure, Horowitz may have an error here or there in his reporting, but that is hardly the same as the orchestrated deception campaign carried on by the western media.

I’ll do my own fact-checking on the article and get back to you.

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