CARAVAN heading to The U.S.A ( POLL )


The caravan is getting more demanding and impatient.
I really wished I learnt how to speak Spanish in high school.
That was three decades ago…
I did not forsee this - radical constant influx.


“The most generous nation in the world” is not true when calculated on a per capita basis. The US comes in at #17 behind these nations (listed in order of per-capita aid):

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Luxembourg
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • France
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Iceland

It is not even true as measured by total aid. That honor goes to China, who gives $38 billion, compared to our $31 billion. Of course China has many more people, so it is not much of an honor.


Do you have a source? I question if your source included private donations on top of Govt aid.

Also, focusing on Govt Development Assistance is highly suspect since it comes with strings attached. To use the Chinese or Swedish aid, you have to buy your heavy equipment from China or Sweden. It’s a proven method of supporting exports.


a good TedTALK


Only governmental development aid:

Aren’t you also curious what 1cthlctrth used as a source to say that the US is the most generous country? I’d like to see that!

In view of the fact that we were talking about what the national response ought to be toward Central America, I think government aid is the appropriate one to talk about.


Most of which are nations which do not have to spend as much on their military because of our involvement in NATO, etc.


And not just foreign aid, but admitting immigrants.

When I always say that the U.S. is the most generous country in the world, I consider both foreign aid and admitting immigrants.


Not only government-to-government aid, but also individual to individual … some of my friends provide personal medical visits and engineering visits for water supply, etc., via their churches.

The Catholic Church provides huge generous gift aid.


Great deflections here from the fact that 1cthlctrth was just plain wrong about the US being the most generous nation in foreign aid.

First we hear that it’s OK we don’t measure up because we more militarily involved. That’s our substitute “foreign aid.” Then we hear that is an act of generosity to admit immigrants, who then go on to form the backbone of our economy, as they always have. (That’s not generosity. That’s self-interest.)

Then we have the claim (with no stats supplied) that our private donations make up the shortfall.


Can we ask Jesus to take the poll?


I think Govt aid is a relevant discussion point, but you were deflecting away from central america by discussing the global top donors, which has no bearing on helping central america. We would have to look just at Govt aid to Central America.


Showing that a post is totally false is not a deflection.


Yes, your data was valid context for what was said.
But it’s high murky since we probably are the most generous country in total spend. Even on a per capita basis I could argue that our military investment enables peace which is a very important benefit to most countries of the world. Sweden doesn’t spend much in this area, the are a recipient for the most part.


Thank you for that acknowledgment.


No, what I was saying was that a number of nations who give more per capita are able to afford it because we cover a lot of what would otherwise be their responsibility to defend themselves.


Breitbart? Yikes…


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