Carbon Buy Backs

I just heard on Rush that EIB in conjunction with WHO has formed a company to buy back Carbon vouchers. Rush explained that it looked like a good way to make big money from this scam so why shouldn’t the EIB network get involved?

He also explained that his announcement is a little joke.

Nevertheless, why not? We could all retire on this scam with Algore being our front man. We could fund some great mission work with all this money. We might even be able to stop Islam’s advance.


Here’s the description of Carbon Offsets that should help.


Al Gore’s is Smaller Than Yours

Feted at Sundance. Fellated at the Oscars.


Wow, could you find anything to read that was a little less charitable? :eek:

I wonder how the real Gregory Palamas would feel about having that junk associated with his name?

At least I got a response.


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