Cardinal Approves Blessing of Same-Sex Unions


A bishop and cardinal saying the Church could bless homosexual unions is nothing to see? It is like saying the Church could bless an adulterous union or any other union that is intrinsically wrong. It is something to see because it is a rejection of fundamental Catholic doctrine. This bishop is scandalizing the faithful.


The Church does not go with the times. She teaches only what God has revealed. Because homosexual acts are inherently disordered, it is impossible for it to have ‘true love’ as its foundation. True love NEVER endangers souls.

The Church teaches the truth and therefore if she does, then she will not reconsider anything.


So the Church can have domestic partnerships too? Those too young to know may not realize same sex ‘marriage’ started out this way.

The Church doesn’t bless friendships. It shouldn’t start either. Your idea could have been possible back when same sex ‘marriage’ was a laughable thought by almost everyone. But now it is something that can’t be done because it would look like marriage to almost everyone.


They want approval. They want normalization of the immoral. That is what it is always about.


I understand well the difference between true love and attraction/affection. I have true love for my husband. Sacrificial and hard, often times. All I am saying is that homosexuals are capable of having the exact same kind of true love for their partners.


Still not a marriage defined by God. Still not equivalent to heterosexual relationship. Still sinful if engaging in illicit acts.


Your answer just made my point for me. As an agnostic I don’t believe anything the Catholic Church teaches on this issue. We have to agree to disagree. I just feel obligated to speak up when I see this sort of thing in a thread. It’s very damaging to homosexuals. And I would argue, damaging to heterosexuals, too because it teaches hatefulness towards homosexuals. Hate is never a good thing for anybody. The god I believe in doesn’t discriminate between different types of love.


except homosexual acts are not capable of procreation. They close the gift of life. Heterosexual acts however hare ordered towards the gift of life because that is what the sexual faculty is used for. All People can love each other, but not all can have their own kind of marriage. Marriage is a covenant with God. The creation of life is a part of this. When a man and a woman have sexual relations, they are helping God create a new being to live in this world. Homosexual acts does nothing like this, it is disordered and cannot be compared to heterosexual acts.

We are to love our brothers and sisters no matter what they are struggling with. They (people with SSA) can, as many people say, be with God and be a part of this Church, obey the doctrines of the Church, and know God’s love. But we cannot endorse sinful lifestyles or bless them. We can bless people in hopes that they live lifestyles inline with God’s will, but not a lifestyle that is contrary to the will of the almighty. We are called to love our neighbours and to guide them to live their life in accordance to the will of God and we must treat them with compassion, love and sensitivity.


I think the real danger is that fact that the answer has confused the faithful. We should not have to be scratching our heads at the possibility of a very dangerous position a cardinal is taking, wondering if it’s okay. We should not be facing this confusion. Instead, we should have cardinals and Church authorities with clear stances on what is okay, what is not okay. I’m tired of hearing the "It’s about pastoral care for individual cases, and that applies in other areas as well, which we can not regulate, where we have no sets of rules."
or “the importance of following your conscience in moral decision making.” or “not everything is black and white. There is a grey area”

WE HAVE A SET OF RULES. Not endorsing sin!!


what is very damaging to homosexuals?


I agree with this, though, again, they cannot be considered to partake in the Sacrament of Matrimony. That doesn’t mean that they can’t or shouldn’t be blessed and given the opportunity to participate in the life of the Church to the fullest extent possible. It’s not about redefining Marriage as much it is about affirming that they are still Christians accepted and loved by God. Hence the blessing, rather than declaration of Marriage.

Just my humble opinion.


“Hate” is so often misused these days. One can apply a very loose definition of “prejudice”, for we are indeed prejudiced against certain things that the secular world proclaims to be good, but the basis for rejecting homosexual behavior is not “hate”.

I just feel obligated to speak up when I see this sort of misinformation. It’s very damaging to rational discourse when dissenting voices are attempted to be silenced due to claims of “hate”.


I wasn’t discussing homosexual acts. I’m talking about the relationship of two homosexual partners. If a couple comes for a blessing, they should receive a blessing. It shouldn’t be based on what they do in their bedroom. If my husband and I go for a blessing from the priest he doesn’t stop and ask us what kind of sex we have or don’t have. What difference does it make? Love isn’t sex. Sex can be a part of love, or not. And truthfully, what procreation has to do with a couple asking for a blessing is beyond me.


but what does this blessing signify? Marriage? It matters what the blessing is for…


i was explaining the difference between homosexual acts and heterosexual acts and why homosexual marriage cannot be seen as equal


This, my friend, is why Catholics are considered by so many people to be hateful towards homosexuals. Where does God define marriage? No place. Human beings define marriage. That is not the same as God defining marriage.


If you’re agnostic, why do you care what the Catholic Church teaches regarding homosexual behavior? What gives you the authority or right to say what the Church should or should not do? Your secular/agnostic viewpoint does not apply.

Homosexual behavior is intrinsically disordered. You and your husband are not in an intrinsically disordered situation. If your husband were your brother, then that incestuous relationship would be another matter.


The church’s view on homosexuality.


You’re agnostic. You’re in a Catholic forum. Your denial of God and absolute morality is the primary hindrance to further useful discussion in this matter.

Once again. There is no “hate”. Repeating “hate” a million times does not make it so.


he defines it in Genesis and Christ reiterates it in the Gospel. Saying that people cannot commit a certain act because it could endanger ones soul to eternity of torment is loving. What would you rather do, tell someone that what they are doing could endanger their soul for eternal torment because you love them, or let them live a life of sin where when they die, they would have committed a sin that you could have warned him/her not to commit which (the sin) could endanger their shot at heaven

This my friend is what you dont understand. We are called to care for each others’ souls. Denying homosexual marriage does not mean we hate homosexuals. Far from it actually. The reason i say this is because we care for their lives in this world and the next, we want them to live the lives God wants us to live. This is not hate. It is protection. A way to explain this could be the following:

A child tries to touch the fire on a candle. The mother, watching her child, immediately swats the child’s hand away. The child screams that he hates her because she didn’t let him do what he wanted. The mother explains to the child that if he did do what he wanted, he would get hurt.

The child could be interpreted as a person with SSA. the candle could be homosexual acts, and the mother could be the Church.

Now, whether you listen to me or not, i want to make this clear, there are homosexuals who gladly obey the Church’s doctrines and gladly take up their cross (i being one of them). They see the Church as a loving institution. The Church doesn’t hate these individuals, she loves them, protects them, and is compassionate to them. Your view of the Church is not true because you do not have an understanding of why the Church does this. I hope you have an idea of why they do this now

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