Cardinal Approves Blessing of Same-Sex Unions


Othet things means demons,mental,spiritual problems and need of help


And of course, before blessing same sex “unions” they started with “ordaining” women. It is a pattern.


Women becoming priests,oh no.


I have an excellent understanding of the church’s teaching on all things about human sexuality, as well as all of its other teachings. I was raised Catholic and have several religious in my family. We often dialog about the Church. I went to 13 years of Catholic education. I just don’t happen to believe . You ask me what I would have the Church do? Well, I left the church, so I guess that gives you a good idea. To people like me, your analogy is no different than the man who beats the crap out of his child and then says “I did it because I love you.” I don’t believe in the relevance (on this issue) of ancient writings. I believe in using the common sense God gave me and most other people. Humans, all humans, are born with the need to love. Yes, the need to have physical, loving relationships. Because you may decide to ignore your need doesn’t mean others are “disordered” for not. The Church does a tremendous disservice with regards to perpetuating these beliefs.

I won’t be commenting anymore in this thread. I come to CAF so I can keep “up” on the Catholic community because many of my loved ones are Catholic and I want to be able to understand them and relate to them. I try not to contribute to discussions unless I feel I can contribute something positive. This particular topic is one I am especially passionate about. Some of the best people I know are practicing homosexuals. They are all good and love and serve the gods they believe in (many different religious denominations). I probably should have backed out of this thread when I saw the direction it was headed. My apologies.


It always seems to start there. Every time.


We don’t get to remake God in our image.


I’m against the ordination of women, and I’m proposing some pretty strict checks on blessing certain kinds of friendships. What’s your point?


Women everywhere no.
Pleasing our lustfull bodies No!!!
God wish i could go to the church now!!!


Sin is sin. God’s view of sin hasn’t changed either.


they are disordered desires for me too. Dont think my need is sex. my needs are affirmation, love, compassion from men, a way to mend my relationship with men. Sex does not offer that. It doesn’t heal what i need.

Physical loving relationships are needed, but not sexual ones. when i mean physical i mean appropriate platonic touch. People do not need sex, we need procreation though.


We are equally, if not more, passionate about this issue. I, and others here on CAF, also deal with same-sex attraction/homosexual inclination/whatever you want to call it.

We certainly cannot remain silent while people are led astray with feel-good philosophy that rejects divine moral laws.

The secular slogan of “Catholic Church hates gays” that you are repeating like a mantra holds no weight or merit.


Point is, there is support within the Church for priestesses. Typically, as history has shown, the push starts with feminist agitators. Once priestesses are installed, homosexual “blessings” and “marriages” usually follow.


That is true, but irrelevant to what I am saying.


Why and why


Pride and lust, I’d guess.


this is important


Kill the lust!!!
Kill the pride!!!
(Including myself)


It’s frightening.



That Cardinal needs to bone up on his Bible. God instituted marriage between one man and one woman. He didn’t give the thumbs up to same-sex unions.


I think the priestess movement is highly relevant to the affirming homosexual activity movement. But okay. :innocent:

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