Cardinal Approves Blessing of Same-Sex Unions


Perhaps some day someone will suggest “Blessings” for murder,
for oppressing the poor,
and for defrauding workers of their just wages too.


I wonder if it will arise that an openly homosexual couple could after a period of discernment with a priest be granted approval to receive communion?


He answered, “Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one’? - Matthew 19:4-5:

6 But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ 7 ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife - Mark 10:6-7

And really I don’t know why I even have to quote this, common sense dictates as much, didn’t you ever learn about the reproductive system and where kids come from?

The west has embraced delusional nonsense, calling haters and bigots those who will not conform to their delusions. These delusions will not last or the west will not last, one or the other, I hope it’s the former personally and that people wake up.

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Sodomy isn’t true love. Neither does the relationship incur the graces that were intended for marriage, because the two cannot become one, they can only have a cheap imitation (A barren and dangerous one at that especially if it’s two men), which is what the evil one does, takes what is good and corrupts it.

Yes we were designed and yes the reproductive system was designed for a specific purpose, we are a two gendered species for good reason, which has been obvious by reason alone throughout all of history, people will look back at this generation with scorn and laughter for such folly, citing examples like those morons putting two ‘father’s’ on a child’s birth certificate.

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This guy’s got a good youtube talk - The Truth about Homosexuality, Bruce Smith Jr -

God Bless

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So we should bless a relationship that has behaviour which cries to Heaven for vengeance.


If any of that was true, they wouldn’t need your third-party support or the force of government and false research to say it was.

Homosexual relationships cannot and will not stand on their own merit no matter how bad you want them to and no matter how sad anyone feels for their friends or family.

I would further add that on this issue many people just put their family and friends before God.

Stop making excuses and see the Truth for what it is.


Can 2 men truly love each other? I think we have to say “yes”.

If a romantic/sexual dimension is added to the mix - how do we modify the answer? I believe:

  • the love is not eliminated;
  • the sexual acts are themselves a blight on what may otherwise be wholly good.


Love is not a physical act, and no physical act is love.


I would really hope that what I said was very clearly about homosexual relationships.

Otherwise, it’s a good point because the gay “marriage” crowd was once completely obsessed with any kind of affection between two men as being homosexual.

In some Middle Eastern cultures, men will even hold hands.


Cardinal Marx: I do not believe that this is the most important “vitamin supplement” [the Church needs]. Rather, the question to be asked is how the Church can meet the challenges posed by the new circumstances of life today —

Protestants said similiar things about slavery.


Yes. But if you accept what I posted, can you explain what you meant in rejecting what @pnewton posted?


What exactly do you mean by “an openly homosexual couple”?
If you said “an openly heterosexual couple” I would be equally confused.

Do you really mean two unmarried Catholic homosexuals flaunting a sexual relationship?
Well, I presume they would be treated the same as two unmarried Catholic heterosexuals flaunting a sexual relationship.

AL states any couple flaunting their remarried situation, let alone sexual activity, will be given no truck. If they were flaunting an unmarried state, let alone their sexual activity, I suggest the same if not worse.

But then this sort of flaunting couple (let alone a flaunting of sexual activity) does not seem to be what the Cardinal is speaking of or even what a SS Union intrinsically means (unlike marriage).


Much of the language in this space is used ambiguously, sometimes “with intent”. What is a couple? What amounts to “flaunting”? Are husband and wife who behave as such considered to “flaunt” their relationship?

I refer simply to a couple whose relationship is not concealed. Much like a married, or remarried, couple.


I agree, it’s up to the priest in his wisdom who he blesses, and for numerous reasons. Most blessings are done in private I would think, I never see any couples or individuals be blessed a part from the communion line.


The headline in the article refers to “Blessing Ceremonies”. That doesn’t sound “private”. I don’t believe that what priests do in private meetings with parishioners is the topic here.


See also:


The article itself didn’t read like it was being suggested as ceremonies, the title is most likely click bait so people will start losing their minds over the idea of ‘gay marriage’…


I generally agree–personally, i think that there’d always be something missing from a gay marriage–irrespective of the inability to bear children.

At the same time, it’s not possible for one person to tell another what that one is feeling. A man is in love if he feels he’s in love. Further, there are plenty of couples bound by the Catholic sacrament of Holy Matrimony who haven’t experienced grace at all.

We can tell a man, "You’re not experiencing love because you have not received the God-given graces of true love."
And he will respond, “I am in love and have no need for the graces as you’ve defined them.”

I reject the notion that gay marriage is equal to man-woman marriage. But in the end, it makes no difference to me.


Well, given they are not married the nature of that relationship is not objectively verifiable and left in the eye of the beholder I suggest.
Just as people often mistake the close conduct of a devoted brother and sister.

As for “flaunting their situation” … I am confident most pastors understand what Pope Francis meant…and he is not interested in assisting such couples be they hetero, homo or alien in their relations.

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