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It is very awesome how Cardinal Arinze can break everything down so simply where it just seems like it is obvious and you go “oh yeah, I understand now”. :thumbsup:

I just went through and watched all the videos, now going through and listening to the audio files. (subscribed via iTunes)

Reminds me of some of my favorite physicists, that know so much, yet have such grace in explaining things simply and clearly.

Some of my favorites are:

He’s also has a great Q&A Session that he did at the 2007 Totus Tuus Conference @ Catholic Familyland. It was Awesome! If you get a chance you might want to check out thier website Some friends of ours invited us to the conference last year, now this was before I was confirmed into the Catholic Church, but to experience three masses and Adoration celebrated by Cardinal Arinze is enough for anyone to want to convert:highprayer: . And I am happy to say that I should change my name to Finally Home thanks to a beautiful Easter Vigil where I was finaly able to participate in the Holy Eucharist! Blessed be to God for creating such wonderful people to help guide us.

:signofcross: All for the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, All through the Sorrowful Heart of Mary, All in union with Saint Joseph AMEN:signofcross:

This looks wonderful. Thank you for posting.

Thanks so much for the link! I put it on my favorites list and
will check it out later! :slight_smile:

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