Cardinal Bernardin sex abuse?

A friend showed me this article. I find this hard to believe after reading his book The Gift of Peace.

What are your thoughts?

Given the source, I agree - hard to believe.

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Absurd. Trying to smear him because he was “progressive”?

If the documents do exist then we have another cardinal covering up evidence and lying about it. It doesn’t matter who reports about it. Of course these groups are the only groups really digging into these matters, except for the authorities apparently now.

If this is true then we owe them a debt of gratitude.

If they knowingly reported something falsely then they should get our contempt.

I know which side I put my money on but reserve judgement til the truth is more known, if ever.


Which source - 1P5, Church Militant or Tosatti - do you find hard to believe?

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Feel free to provide some supporting evidence for both of those claims.

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Did they really actually call him a heretic or did they present their concern that he was possibly espousing heretical teachings?

I don’t know either way because I’m kind of a hit-and-miss subscriber to the YouTube channel sometimes I watch The vortex and headlines but after a while there’s only so much I can take.

Basically I’ve been known to subscribe to them watch them for several weeks or months then I get tired and unsubscribe.

Why I was just asking a question?

I don’t know either way whether Church Militant really called The Holy Father a heretic you say they did and I’m asking if that’s your opinion or that’s an actual substantial fact?

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I think you’d do well to read and consider Church Militant’s reporting on both matters, which many people object to on the basis of style rather than substance.

“We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a thousand tongues - I see the world is rotten because of silence.”

St. Catherine of Siena


I don’t see anything wrong with the original posters question.

Also seems like you’re a bit frustrated with me which I don’t understand why because you through statement out there and I asked if you could verify it simply out of curiosity.

Respectfully I think civil authorities should make these investigations.

I don’t believe the hierarchy can investigate themselves especially when they are investigating allegations against their own person.

I understand why people don’t like Michael Voris or Church Militant and that’s fine but to be fair they have exposed a lot of dirt over the years and especially the last year and even if they weren’t the ones doing it the police departments during the sex scandals last year have exposed a lot of that stuff by themselves.


The Archdiocese of Detroit, in which Church Militant is located, has condemned them and even forced them to remove the word ‘Catholic’ from their name.

Church Militant rejects Church documents binding on the faithful (e.g. changes to the Catechism on the death penalty, Amoris Laetitia) and spends its entire time criticising the hierarchy, when its own Archdiocese has objected to the existence of the ‘apostolate’.

Church Militant operates despite opposition from the Church. It should really put itself into line with Church teaching and thus become an actual apostolate approved by the Archdiocese, or it should dissolve.

The first argument I’ve heard a million times.

50% of the Church is in disagreement with Pope Francis including 50% of the hierarchy that’s why there was the Dubia and that’s why other documents have been released by other Cardinals and Bishops of the Church.

I know a lot of people just blindly follow and never question anything if they want to do that that’s fine but the other half the Church is looking at things and it doesn’t really make sense it.

It’s not a problem that is just amongst so-called radicals like what people would deem Church Militant to be or other groups like them because seriously educated and authoritative people within the Church including the hierarchy have voiced concern and disagreement on some of those documents that have been released by Pope Francis.

However that’s not what this particular thread is about and I don’t want to derail it but I’m just putting it out there that you have to really look at the current crisis of the Church and try to understand other people’s perception.


I have no issue with the original poster’s question which I am sure they posted out of curiosity. I am not frustrated with you.

Church Militant stated Pope Francis teaches heresy which is a ridiculous statement. This would therefore make him a heretic. The Holy Father is orthodox but simply takes a different approach to some of his predecessors. He has condemned the moral evils of abortion, contraception, homosexuality, communion for the divorced and ‘remarried’ (who are actually living in an adulterous relationship) and other issues.

It is not up to laypeople to investigate the clergy. Church Militant has not ‘exposed’ anything.

The Catholic Church is the one true Church and it is up to the clergy to ensure that doctrines are being correctly taught.

I am very orthodox and express worry when some bishops, priests (such as Fr James Martin) and laypeople oppose Church doctrine.

I do not blindly follow Church doctrine at all. If you do not accept some Church documents then you are not supporting Church doctrine.

I accept them they exist some of them don’t make sense or seem contradictory.

However that deserves a thread of its own and basically it’s been done before to death on CAF.

Woah bud, slow down there.


So the Cardinal chosen by the Vatican to head the meeting of Bishops last February on abuse crisis allegedly covered up documents of satanic sexual abuse by another Cardinal? And people wonder why Catholics are outraged?


Churchmilitant claims they turned over the documents in their possession to the Attorney General of Illinois. I think these allegations deserve an investigation, because Bernardin was for decades probably the most powerful Catholic prelate in the United States, and if these accusations are indeed true, it is cause for alarm.


Allegedly covered up.
Perhaps we should hold the outrage until we have some facts. Something having been in a novel isn’t proof.

Every allegation of sexual abuse deserves a to be looked into fairly. Even if the claims are false nothing should be with held from the courts


There have been rumours about Cardinal Bernardin for decades. Here is an article from 2004 about it:

One of Mccarrick’s accusers also recently accused Cardinal Bernardin of sexual abuse but it hasn’t received much attention, and probably won’t since he is deceased. We’ll probably never know for sure, but the long enduring nature of these rumors are eerily similar to the McCarrick situation and in my mind lend string credence to his accuser’s story.

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