Cardinal Brandmüller: those who call for women priests are ‘heretics’ and ‘excommunicated’

Cardinal Brandmüller: those who call for women priests are ‘heretics’ and ‘excommunicated’

100% correct. Debate has been had and it’s over.


An orthodox German cardinal?

Ma, get the camera, quick!


Yeah, take a picture. It’ll last longer.


Anyone who rejects an infallible teaching of the Church commits not only a sin of grave matter but also commits heresy.
Therefore any Catholics calling for female priests commits heresy and that carries the penalty of Latae Sententiae Excommunication (automatic).


~2000 year-old news.


All it will take is a single Bishop who disagrees and there will be another Catholic Church.

Are you talking about the Pope (Bishop of Rome) or some sort of schism?

I had not imagined that the Pope would lead such a schism. If so, a majority of the Church outside the third world might follow.

He said it was “astonishing” that certain themes were being kept alive within the German Church. They are “always the same: female priesthood, celibacy, intercommunion, remarriage after divorce. Just recently there has been added the Church’s ‘yes’ to homosexuality.”

A very good and simple observation. The progressives are using the same tactics that were used in the Protestant denominations. Just keep saying same things over and over, demand “dialog” without ever conceding a point, make a noise which is disproportionate to their numbers, until they wear down the opposition. Tactics which have been resoundingly successful in the Anglican and other denominations. Since the snowball started rolling with women’s ordination (or even earlier - contraception? Divorce?) there’s been no stopping it.

It won’t work in the Catholic Church, but I don’t expect it to go away.


The questions will be asked over and over and over again as there are new generations born. Just because all 7-year-olds know how to read doesn’t mean that all the 6-year-olds turning 7 next year know how to read.

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Only if the teaching is proposed as divinely revealed.

As far as I know that teaching, though definitive, has not been proposed as being divinely revealed and so is not the stuff of heresy. I believe that the good Cardinal is mistaken.


Yes, it was proposed as divinely revealed - JP2 made that clear, it was divinely revealed by Christ by choosing 12 male apostles.

And so, because it was divinely revelead, by Our Lord it will never, ever be changed. And if any females were ever ordained the ordinations and all acts committed by them would be invalid.

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This isn’t strictly true. It was not proposed as formally revealed, but rather as a doctrine “to be definitively held” (“sententia definitive tenenda”). This would be a truth intrinsically connected to revealed truth. As a practical matter, there is not much difference–both classes of truths are taught infallibly and cannot be rejected without consequence to communion with the Church.

The commentary by the CDF on the Profesio Fidei is helpful in this regard (even using this very issue as an example). See paragraphs 6 through 11 here:

thanks! exactly

Please provide a citation - I recall no such statement from JP2. I just read Ordinatio Sacerdotalis again, and I’m not seeing it anywhere.

It will never be changed because it has been definitively taught, but that doesn’t mean it has been taught as being divinely revealed. Those are not the same things, and my understanding is that only teachings which are taught as being divinely revealed are the stuff of heresy.

These gals " I Don’t Think So " type of feminist stance -

Anyone who rejects an infallible teaching of the Church commits not only a sin of grave matter but also commits heresy.

This needs to be nuanced. Simply rejecting a Catholic doctrine is not a sin. Knowing it to be true but rejecting it anyway, then that is a different story…

Fact is, many Catholics who push for impossible changes in the Church (like women’s ordination) are simply not educated in the matter. They don’t understand concepts like infallibility, the rule of faith, etc. Believe me, if I asked a few Catholic relatives of mine if they think there should be women priests (or gay marriage, or whatever), they’d probably say yes. These are still very prayerful and meaningful people, but they are simply not well catechized at what it means to be Catholic.

Now for that German politician, I have no idea if he is well-educated on the matter or not…

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They dont even understand the bible, so of course they can be had earlier.

Wha… uuhhh…

I really thought that was a sophisticated Poe until I went the the video URL. I have no words to describe the absurdity of that…

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